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Vol. 8 (1974) N. 3

257-258 "Molecular Biology in the USSR on the Eve of the 250th Anniversary of the Founding of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR"

259-263 A.G. Sukhomudrenko, N.I. Solov'eva, N.I. Smirnov, and Yu.A. Lazarev "Models of the Quaternary Structure of Collagenase"

264-270 S.V. Zenin, B.V. Tyagolov, G.B. Sergeev, Z.A. Shabarova, and M.A. Prokof'ev "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Nucleotide Amides. Structure of the Intramolecular Complex of Adenylyl-(5'→N)-p-anisidine"

271-276 A.L. Mazin and B.F. Vanyushin "Relationship between the Nature of the Nucleotide Sequence and the Degree of Asymmetry of the Complementary Strands of DNA in Microorganisms"

277-285 S.D. Barfolomeev, K. Martinek, and J.V. Berezin "Kinetics and Mechanism of Complex Formation with the Active Sites of α-Chymotrypsin of the Intermediate Particle of the Photochromic Transformation of 2-(2',4'-Dinitrobenzyl)-pyridine"

286-296 N.I. Grineva, G.G. Karpova, and G.G. Shamovskii "Complementation of Pentaadenylyladenosine and Alkylating Derivatives of Oligoadenylyladenosines with Ribosomal RNA"

297-302 K.G. Gazaryan, V.Z. Tarantul, Yu.N. Baranov, and V.A. Lipasova "Hybridization of Giant Molecules of Pigeon Erythroblast RNA with Repeating and Unique Nucleotide Sequences of DNA"

303-310 V.V. Zinov'ev, L.L. Kiselev, D.G. Knorre, L.L. Kochkina, E.G. Malygin, M.G. Slin'ko, V.I. Timoshenko, and О.О. Favorova "Kinetic Scheme and Kinetic Parameters of the Exchange of ATP-32P-Pyrophosphate, Catalyzed by Tryptophanyl-tRNA Synthetase from Beef Pancreas"

311-316 M.K. Kukhanova, V.A. Pozdnyakov, L.V. Nikolaeva, A.A. Kraevskii, Yu.V. Mitin, and B.P. Gottikh "Amino Acid Esters of 2'-O-Methyladenosine-Peptide Acceptors in the Ribosome. The Role of 2'-Hydroxyl"

317-325 Yu.M. Evdokimov, N.M. Akimenko, N.E. Glukhova, and Ya.M. Varshavskii "Compact Form of DNA in Solution. I. Features of the Absorption Spectra of Polyribonucleotides and DNA in Aqueous Salt Solutions Containing Polyethyleneglycol"

326-333 V.V. Nosikov, E.V. Grishin, S.M. Deev, O.L. Polyanovskii, A.E. Braunshtein, and Yu.A. Ovchinnikov "Functional Significance and Location of Cysteine Residues in the Molecule of Aspartate Aminotransferase"

334-340 A.Ya. Varshavskii and Yu.V. Il'in "Structure of the Chromosomal Deoxyribonucleoproteins. VI. Redistribution of Histones during Salt Treatment of the Chromatin"

341-346 A.P. Potapov and A.A. Bogdanov "Model of the Internal Organization of RNA and Protein in the Ribosomes"

347-354 A.A. Makarov, V.I. Ivanov, and M.V. Vol'kenshtein "Kinetics of the Proteolysis of Aspartate Aminotransferase in Various States of the Active Site"

355-361 A.L. Bocharov, G.A. Kogan, and M.Ya. Karpeiskii "A Study of the Conformational States of Aspartate Aminotransferase by Perturbation Spectrophotometxy. I. The Change in the Accessibility of the Coenzyme during the Enzymatic Reaction"

362-366 L.P. Gavrilova, О.E. Kostyashkina, and Yu.A. Rachkus "A Study of the Mechanism of Translocation in Ribosomes. III. Influence of the Alkylation of the SH Groups of the Proteins of the Ribosomal 30S Subparticle on "Nonenzymatic" Translocation in the Ribosomes of Escherichia coli"

367-373 A.Yu. Borisov, V.I. Godik, and Z.G. Fetisova "Determination of the Quantum Yield of the Primary Process of Energy Transformation in Photosynthesis. I. Basis of a Method for Various Types of Organization of the Photo synthetic Units"

374-381 B.A. Leibovich and R.B. Khesin "Matrix Activity of the X Chromosomes of Male and Female Drosophjlas in the Synthesis of RNA by Bacterial RNA-Polymerase"

382-391 D.S. Markovich, G.B. Krapivinskii, and N.F. Neznaiko "An Investigation of the Conformational Mobility of the Active Center of D-Glyceraldehyde 3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase"