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"Molecular Biology" covers a wide scope of problems related to molecular, cell and computational biology including genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, molecular virology and immunology, molecular development biology, and molecular evolution. Molecular Biology publishes reviews, mini-reviews, experimental and theoretical works, short communications. Annualy, the journal publishes special issues devoted to most rapidly developing branches of physical-chemical biology and to the most outstanding scientists on the occasion of their anniversary birthdays. The authors of the journal are from Russia and other countries of the World.
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LAST  ISSUE: Vol 51 (2017) N. 4


483-495 D.V. Sosin, N.A. Tchurikov "Molecular Mechanisms of HIV-1 Genetic Diversity"

496-505 S.Yu. Funikov, O.G. Zatcepina "Regulation of microRNA Activity in Stress"

506-513 A.S. Bavykin "Circulating microRNAs in the Identification of Biological Fluids: A New Approach to Standardization of Expression-Based Diagnostics"

514-525 A.V. Bannikov, A.V. Lavrov "CRISPR/CAS9, the King of Genome Editing Tools"

Genomics and Transcriptomics

526-532 A. Ergeshov, S.N. Andreevskaya, E.E. Larionova, T.G. Smirnova, L.N. Chernousova "The Spectrum of Mutations in Genes Associated with Resistance to Rifampicin, Isoniazid, and Fluoroquinolones in the Clinical Strains of M. tuberculosis Reflects the Transmissibility of Mutant Clones"

533-542 G.F. Korytina, L.Z. Akhmadishina, O.V. Kochetova, Y.G. Aznabaeva, Sh.Z. Zagidullin, T.V. Victorova "Polymorphic Variants of Glutamate Receptor (GRIK5, GRIN2B) and Serotonin Receptor (HTR2A) Genes Are Associated with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease"

543-548 L.N. Chuvakova, F.S. Sharko, A.V. Nedoluzhko, A.A. Polilov, E.B. Prokhorchuk, K.G. Skryabin, M.B. Evgen'ev "Hsp70 Genes of the Megaphragma amalphitanum (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) Parasitic Wasp"

Cell Molecular Biology

549-554 A.A. Ponomaryova, N.V. Cherdyntseva, A.A. Bondar, A.Y. Dobrodeev, A.A. Zavyalov, S.A. Tuzikov, V.V. Vlassov, E.L. Choinzonov, P.P. Laktionov, E.Y. Rykova "Dynamics of LINE-1 Retrotransposon Methylation Levels in Circulating DNA from Lung Cancer Patients Undergoing Antitumor Therapy"

555-561 Y. Huang, S.-H. Liang, L.-B. Xiang, X.-T. Han, W. Zhang, J. Tang, X.-H. Wu, M.-Q. Zhang "miR-218 Promoted the Apoptosis of Human Ovarian Carcinoma Cells via Suppression of the WNT/β-Catenin Signaling Pathway"

562-570 L.A. Alexeeva, O.A. Patutina, A.V. Sen'kova, M.A. Zenkova, N.L. Mironova "Inhibition of Invasive Properties of Murine Melanoma by Bovine Pancreatic DNase I In Vitro and In Vivo"

571-578 D.V. Bazovkina, E.M. Kondaurova, A.S. Tsybko, A.I. Kovetskaya, T.V. Ilchibaeva, V.S. Naumenko "The Effects of Chronic Alcoholization on the Expression of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor and Its Receptors in the Brains of Mice Genetically Predisposed to Depressive-Like Behavior"

579-585 O. Eini "A Betasatellite-Encoded Protein Regulates Key Components of Gene Silencing System in Plants"

586-591 M.D. Chanyshev, D.S. Ushakov, L.F. Gulyaeva "Expression of miR-21 and Its Acat1, Armcx1, and Pten Target Genes in Liver of Female Rats Treated with DDT and Benzo[a]pyrene"

592-595 M.V. Tikhonov, O.G. Maksimenko, P.G. Georgiev, I.V. Korobko "Optimal Artificial Mini-Introns for Transgenic Expression in the Cells of Mice and Hamsters"

596-601 G.L. Kogan, N.V. Akulenko, Yu.A. Abramov, O.A. Sokolova, E.A. Fefelova, V.A. Gvozdev "Nascent Polypeptide-Associated Complex as Tissue-Specific Cofactor during Germinal Cell Differentiation in Drosophila Testes"

602-613 V.A. Gusar, A.V. Timofeeva, I.S. Zhanin, S.I. Shram, V.G. Pinelis "Estimation of Time-Dependent microRNA Expression Patterns in Brain Tissue, Leukocytes, and Blood Plasma of Rats under Photochemically Induced Focal Cerebral Ischemia"

614-620 M.G. Cao, J. Xu, Q.F. Yang, Z. P. Guo, K.B. Zhang, X.-B. Li, S.Q. Wu, W. Zhou "High-Content siRNA Screen of the Kinome Identifies Kinases Involved in Git2-Induced Mesenchymal-Epithelial Transition" (SUPPL)

621-626 T.S. Bobokova, N.A. Lemskaya, I.S. Kolesnikova, D.V. Yudkin "Method for the Molecular Cytogenetic Visualization of Fragile Site FRAXA"

Structural-Functional Analysis of Biopolymers and Their Complexes

627-632 Yu.I. Kostyukevich, A.S. Kononikhin, M.I. Indeykina, I.A. Popov, K.V. Bocharov, A.I. Spassky, S.A. Kozin, A.A. Makarov, E.N. Nikolaev "Secondary Structure of Aβ(1-16) Complexes with Zinc: A Study in the Gas Phase Using Deuterium/Hydrogen Exchange and Ultra-High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry"

633-638 A.S. Levina, M.N. Repkova, B.P. Chelobanov, E.V. Bessudnova, N.A. Mazurkova, D.A. Stetsenko, V.F. Zarytova "Impact of Delivery Method on Antiviral Activity of Phosphodiester, Phosphorothioate, and Phosphoryl Guanidine Oligonucleotides in MDCK Cells Infected with H5N1 Bird Flu Virus"

639-646 A.R. Sakhabutdinova, M.A. Maksimova, R.R. Garafutdinov "Synthesis of Circular DNA Templates with T4 RNA Ligase for Rolling Circle Amplification"

647-653 A.L. Proskura, S.O. Vechkapova, T.A. Zapara, A.S. Ratushniak "Protein-Protein Interactions of Huntingtin in the Hippocampus"