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Vol. 6 (1972) N. 5

509-519 G.V. Troitskii and V.P. Zav'yalov "Calculation of the Conformation of Proteins with the Aid of a Modified Nomogram. Establishment of the Interrelationship between the Primary and Secondary Structures of the Polypeptide Chain"

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526-532 A.E. Saenko, V.I. Synzynys, and G.B. Smirnov "Study of the Ability of a DNA Polymerase Mutant E. coli K12 pol Alfor Elimination of Single-Stranded Breaks in DNA Caused by Methyl Methanesulfonate"

533-537 V.P. Glinskii, V.P. Samuilov, and V.P. Skulachev "Investigation of the Mechanism of Spectral Changes in Carotenoids in the Chromatophores of Rhodospirillum rubrum"

538-546 L.A. Voronin and B.A. Fedorov "Diffuse X-Ray Scattering by Polypeptides and Proteins in Solution. 1. Scattering by α-Helices"

547-552 M.I. Khabarova and S.M. Zhenodarova "Stepwise Synthesis of Oligonucleotides. Synthesis of Dinucleoside Monophosphates Catalyzed by RNAase from Penicillium brevicompactum"

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618-623 N.I. Grineva, D.G. Knorre, N.D. Kobets, V.A. Kurbatov, and T.S. Lomakina "Electrostatic Effects in the Alkylation of Transfer RNA with Aliphatic 2-ChIoroethylamines"

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