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Vol. 6 (1972) N. 1

1-9 I.Ya. Ostashevskii "Connection between Parameters of Fluorescence and Protein Structure"

10-14 S.A. Neifakh and D. Sabadosh "Catabolic Repression in Isolated Mitochondria"

15-20 I.A. Lavrinenko, R.I. Salganik, and T.M. Morozova "Study of Specificity of Binding of Steroid Hormones with Chromatin of Hormone-Sensitive Tissue Cells in vitro"

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41-48 K.A. Moshkov, I.M. Vasilets, and V.P. Kushner "Optical Rotary Dispersion of Human Ceruloplasmin in the Native and Photooxidized States and after Treatment with Alkali and Succinic Anhydride"

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