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Vol. 53 (2019) N. 3


313-322 A.N. Anisenko, M.B. Gottikh "Role of Cellular DNA Repair Systems in HIV-1 Replication"

323-334 B.V. Syomin, Y.V. Ilyin "Virus-Like Particles as an Instrument of Vaccine Production"

335-341 A.L. Schwarzman, K.A. Senkevich, A.K. Emelyanov, S.N. Pchelina "Prion Properties of Alpha-Synuclein"

Genomics and Transcriptomics

342-345 A.V. Barkhash, I.V. Kozlova, L.L. Pozdnyakova, N.S. Yudin, M.I. Voevoda, A.G. Romaschenko "New Genetic Marker of Human Predisposition to Severe Forms of Tick-Borne Encephalitis"

346-353 N.A. Mitkin, K.V. Korneev, A.M. Gorbacheva, D.V. Kuprash "Relative Efficiency of Transcription Factor Binding to Allelic Variants of Regulatory Regions of Human Genes in Immunoprecipitation and Real-Time PCR"

354-361 L.G. Ghukasyan, G.S. Krasnov, O.V. Muravenko, L.V. Baidun, S.Z. Ibragimova, T.V. Nasedkina "Mutational Profiling of Pediatric Myeloid Leukemia Subtypes without Clinically Significant Chromosomal Aberrations"

362-370 M.V. Shepelev, E.K. Saakian, S.V. Kalinichenko, I.V. Korobko "Human Antithrombin III Minigene with an Optimized Splicing Pattern"

371-378 E.A. Filippova, V.I. Loginov, I. V. Pronina, D.S. Khodyrev, A.M. Burdennyy, T.P. Kazubskaya, E.A. Braga "A Group of Hypermethylated miRNA Genes in Breast Cancer and Their Diagnostic Potential"

379-383 A.G. Stepchenko, S.G. Georgieva, E.V. Pankratova "Multiple Interactions of the Oct-1 (POU2F1) Transcription Factor with PORE and MORE Sites"

Cell Molecular Biology

384-392 J.N. Chen, Y. Chen, Y.Y. Wei, M.A. Raza, Q. Zou, X.Y. Xi, L. Zhu, G.Q. Tang, Y.Z. Jiang, X.W. Li "Regulation of m6A RNA Methylation and Its Effect on Myogenic Differentiation in Murine Myoblasts" (SUPPL)

393-401 Н.X. Liang, Н.W. Liu "Inducible Expression of Ran1 and Its GDP- and GTP-Bound Mimetic Mutants Leads to Defects in Amitosis and Cytokinesis with Abnormal Cytoplasmic Microtubule Assembly"

402-410 A.M. Pilunov, A.A. Kuchmiy, S.A. Sheetikov, S.Y. Filkin, D.S. Romaniuk, F.N. Rosov, G.A. Efimov "Modification of Cytotoxic Lymphocytes with T Cell Receptor Specific for Minor Histocompatibility Antigen ACC-1Y" (SUPPL)

411-418 S.V. Nikulin, E.N. Knyazev, T.N. Gerasimenko, S.A. Shilin, I.N. Gazizov, G.S. Zakharova, A.A. Poloznikov, D.A. Sakharov "Impedance Spectroscopy and Transcriptome Analysis of Choriocarcinoma BeWo b30 as a Model of Human Placenta" (SUPPL)

419-426 A.I. Burlin, S.V. Tillib "Differentially Expressed Long Noncoding RNAs in the Promoter Region of the fork head Gene in Drosophila melanogaster Detected by Northern Blot Hybridization"

427-437 D.A. Mogilenko, V.S. Shavva, E.B. Dizhe, S.V. Orlov "Characterization of Distal and Proximal Alternative Promoters of the Human ApoA-I Gene"

438-441 A. Greco, D.V. Vaipan, V.A. Tkachuk, D.N. Penkov "The Involvement of Cardiomyocyte-Specific Transcription Factors Meis in Adipocyte Differentiation"

442-451 A.M. Scherbakov, E.A. Shestakova, K.E. Galeeva, T.A. Bogush "BRCA1 and Estrogen Receptor α Expression Regulation in Breast Cancer Cells"

452-459 Z. Luo, W. Fang, C.L. Wang, W.Q. Ma "Double Labeling and Simultaneous Monitoring for Hsp70 and Hsf-1 Kinetics in SCC-25 Cells with a Short-Term Dietary Restriction of Leucine Following Heat Shock"

Structural-Functional Analysis of Biopolymers and Their Complexes

460-469 S.A. Lapa, A.S. Pavlov, V.E. Kuznetsova, V.E. Shershov, M.A. Spitsyn, T.O. Guseinov, S.P. Radko, A. S. Zasedatelev, A.V. Lisitsa, A.V. Chudinov "Enzymatic Preparation of Modified DNA: Study of the Kinetics by Real-Time PCR"


470-474 O.V. Galzitskaya, G.S. Novikov "An Overlap between Splicing Sites in RNA and Homo-Repeats in Human Proteins"