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Vol. 52 (2018) N. 1

Genomics and Transcriptomics

1-6 A.S. Glukhov, A.I. Krutilina, A.V. Kaliman, M.G. Shlyapnikov, V. N. Ksenzenko "Bacteriophage T5 Mutants Carrying Deletions in tRNA Gene Region"

Cell Molecular Biology

7-14 E.Yu. Nikonova, A.O. Mihaylina, M.S. Nemchinova, M.B. Garber, O.S. Nikonov "Glycyl-tRNA Synthetase as a Potential Universal Regulator of Translation Initiation at IRES-I"

15-18 E.A. Sogorin, S.Ch. Agalarov "Stimulation of the Translation of Reporter mRNA in the Presence of Another mRNA in a Cell-Free System Based on Wheat Germ Extract"

19-22 P.A. Sakharov, S.Ch. Agalarov "Mutant Initiation Factor eIF4A (R362Q) Does Not Suppress the Assembly of the 48S Preinitiation Complex on mRNA with the Leader Sequence of mRNA That Encodes for Obelin"

Structural-Functional Analysis of Biopolymers and Their Complexes

23-29 A.G. Gabdulkhakov, O.S. Kostareva, I.A. Kolyadenko, A.O. Mikhaylina, L.I. Trubitsina, S.V. Tishchenko "Incorporation of Copper Ions into T2/T3 Centers of Two-Domain Laccases"

30-35 A.Y. Yegorov, S.A. Potekhin "Lysozyme Stabilization under High Pressure: Differential Scanning Microcalorimetry"

36-41 A.M. Kargatov, A.V. Efimov "Unique Combinations of βαβ-Units and Π-Like Modules in Proteins and Specific Features of Their Amino Acid Sequences"

42-51 N.S. Katina, E.I. Grigorashvili, M.Yu. Suvorina, N.B. Ilyina, N.A. Ryabova, O.M. Selivanova, A.K. Surin "Amyloid Core Wild-Type Apomyoglobin and Its Mutant Variants Is Formed by Different Regions of the Polypeptide Chain"

52-61 M.A. Majorina, K.A. Glukhova, V.V. Marchenkov, B.S. Melnik "Effect of Substitutions in Surface Amino Acid on Energy Profile of Apomyoglobin"

62-68 A.V. Finkelstein, N.V. Dovidchenko, O.V. Galzitskaya "Anomalous Kinetics of Amyloidogenesis Suggest a Competition between Oligomers and Fibrils"

69-74 V.V. Marchenkov, N.V. Kotova, T.A. Muranova, G.V. Semisotnov "Limited Trypsinolysis of GroES: The Effect on the Interaction with GroEL and Assembly In Vitro"

75-83 T.N. Melnik, G.S. Nagibina, A.K. Surin, K.A. Glukhova, B.S. Melnik "Artificial Cysteine Bridges on the Surface of Green Fluorescent Protein Affect Hydration of Its Transition and Intermediate States"

84-90 A.O. Mikhaylina, O.S. Kostareva, E.Y. Nikonova, M.B. Garber, S.V. Tishchenko "Identification of Ribosomal Protein L1-Binding Sites in Thermus thermophilus and Thermotoga maritima mRNAs"

91-95 O.S. Kostareva, N.A. Nevskaya, S.V. Tishchenko, A.G. Gabdulkhakov, M.B. Garber, S.V. Nikonov "Influence of Nonconserved Regions of L1 Protuberance of Thermus thermophilus Ribosome on the Affinity of L1 Protein to 23s rRNA"

96-102 O.S. Nikonov, M.S. Nemchinova, V.G. Klyashtornii, E.Yu. Nikonova, M.B. Garber "Model of the Complex of the Human Glycyl-tRNA Synthetase Anticodon-Binding Domain with IRES I Fragment"

103-107 N.A. Ryabova, O.M. Selivanova, G.V. Semisotnov "Ligand-Induced Reassembly of GroEL/ES Chaperone In Vitro: Visualization by Electron Microscopy"

108-117 S.O. Garbuzynskiy, A.V. Finkelstein "Evaluation of the Accuracy of Calculation of the Standard Binding Entropy of Molecules from their Average Mobility in Molecular Crystals"


118-135 T.S. Tikhomirova, R.S. Ievlev, M.Yu. Suvorina, L.G. Bobyleva, I.M. Vikhlyantsev, A.K. Surin, O.V. Galzitskaya "Search for Functionally Significant Motifs and Amino Acid Residues of Actin"