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Vol. 50 (2016) N. 2


169-192 E.E. Kopantseva, A.V. Belyavsky "Key regulators of skeletal myogenesis"

193-199 E.P. Demina, V.V. Miroshnikova, A.L. Schwarzman "Role of the ABC transporters A1 and G1, key reverse cholesterol transport proteins, in atherosclerosis"

200-212 K.V. Sivak, A.V. Vasin, V.V. Egorov, V.B. Tsevtkov, N.N. Kuzmich, V.A. Savina, O. I. Kiselev "Adenosine A2A receptor as a drug target for treatment of sepsis"

Genomics and Transcriptomics

213-219 M.A. Gubina, V.N. Babenko, D.E. Ivanoshchuk, A.K. Shuryaeva, O.O. Latieva, I.G. Solov'eva, M.N. Ponomareva, N.A. Konovalova, V.N. Maksimov, M.I. Voevoda "Polymorphism of the c-fms, ITGB3,CCR2, and DBH genes in the populations of old believers of the Tyumen oblast and Russian residents of Novosibirsk"

220-229 E.S. Kuznetsova, O.L. Zinovieva, N.Yu. Oparina, M.M. Prokofjeva, P.V. Spirin, I.A. Favorskaya, I.B. Zborovskaya, N.A. Lisitsyn, V.S. Prassolov, T.D. Mashkova "Abnormal expression of genes that regulate retinoid metabolism and signaling in non-small-cell lung cancer"

230-235 E.V. Sukhareva, N.N. Dygalo, T.S. Kalinina "Effect of dexamethasone on the expression of immediate early genes c-fos and c-jun in different regions of the neonatal brain"

236-241 R.R. Garafutdinov, A.A. Galimova, A.R. Sakhabutdinova, A.V. Chemeris "PCR-based evaluation of sequence specificity of DNA fragmentation by ultrasound"

Cell Molecular Biology

242-245 M. Gholami, M. Ravanshad, S.-M. Alavian, K. Baesi, S. Moallemi "Evaluation of miR-122 level in the plasma of chronically HCV infected patients"

246-251 F.Zhang, J.-X. Gu, X.-P. Zou, Y.-Z. Zhuge "Protective effects of S-adenosylmethionine against CCl4 - and ethanol-induced experimental hepatic fibrosis"

252-261 V. Misic, M. El-Mogy, S. Geng, Y. Haj-Ahmad "Effect of endonuclease G depletion on plasmid DNA uptake and levels of homologous recombination in hela cells"

262-269 D.V. Bazovkina, A.S. Tsybko, E.A. Filimonova, T.V. Ilchibaeva, V.S. Naumenko "Influence of chronic alcohol treatment on the expression of the Bdnf, Bax, Bcl-xL, and CASP3 genes in the mouse brain: Role of the C1473G polymorphism in the gene encoding tryptophan hydroxylase 2"

270-277 L. Xu, S.S. He, D.Y. Li, C. Mei, X.L. Hou, L.S. Jiang, F.H. Liu "Hydrogen peroxide induces oxidative stress and the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis in RAT intestinal epithelial cells (IEC-6)"

278-283 A.V. Brechalov, M.E. Valieva, S.G. Georgieva, N.V. Soshnikova "PHF10 isoforms are phosphorylated in the PBAF mammalian chromatin remodeling complex"

284-291 M.V. Shepelev, S.V. Kalinichenko, P.N. Vikhreva, I.V. Korobko "Selection of microRNA for providing tumor specificity of transgene expression in cancer gene therapy"

292-301 M.G. Sharapov, V.I. Novoselov, V.K. Ravin "Xenopus laevis peroxiredoxins: Gene expression during development and characterization of the enzymes"

302-306 K.M. Burnysheva, I.Yu. Petrushanko, P.V. Spirin, V.S. Prassolov, A.A. Makarov, V.A. Mitkevich "Ribonuclease binase induces death in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells by apoptosis"

307-312 Y.V. Kuzmenko, E.S. Starodubova, G.G. Karganova, A.V. Timofeev, V.L. Karpov "Nonstructural protein 1 of tick-borne encephalitis virus activates the expression of immunoproteasome subunits"

Structural-Functional Analysis of Biopolymers and Their Complexes

313-319 M. Sargolzaei, M. Afshar, M.N. Jorabchi "Binding of 1-substituted carbazolyl-3,4-dihydro-β-carbolines with DNA: Molecular dynamics simulation and MM-GBSA analysis"

320-327 N. Li, Y.Z. Zhang, D.D. Li, Y.H. Niu, J. Liu, S.X. Li, Y.Z. Yuan, S.L. Chen, H. Geng, D.L. Liu "Overexpression, homology modeling and coenzyme docking studies of the cytochrome P450nor2 from Cylindrocarpon tonkinense"

Short Communications

328-331 E.S. Starodubova, Y.V. Kuzmenko, A.A. Latanova, O.V. Preobrazhenskaya, V.L. Karpov "Creation of DNA vaccine vector based on codon-optimized gene of rabies virus glycoprotein (G protein) with consensus amino acid sequence"

332-335 S.A. Proshkin, A.S. Mironov "Stalled RNA polymerase is a target of the Mfd factor"