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Vol. 5 (1971) N. 5

525-531 A. Sobota and R.N. Etingof "The Interaction of Rhodopsin with Nucleotides"

532-542 G.M. Lipkind and E.M. Popov "Conformational States of Amino Acid Residues in Proteins. Side Chains"

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551-556 E.V. Frisman, E.B. D'yakova, L.V. Shchagina, and D. Rikhter "The Effect of Ionic Strength and Temperature on the Conformation of Ribosomal RNA from E. coli"

557-566 V.A. Shuvalov and A.A. Krasnovskii "The Luminescence of Zinc-Porphyrins in Microorganisms and Plants: Phosphorescence and Delayed Fluorescence"

567-572 V.A. Samokish, E.V. Anufrieva, and M.V. Vol'kenshtein "Spectroscopic Investigation of the Interaction of α-Chymotrypsin with Proflavin"

573-579 P.L. Privalov and N.N. Khechinashvili "Calorimetric Investigation of Thermal Denaturation of Chymotrypsinogen"

580-586 L.A. Syrtsova, L.A. Levchenko, E.N. Frolov, G.I. Likhtenshtein, T.N. Pisarskaya, L.V. Vorob'ev, and V.A. Gromoglasova "Structure and Function of Nitrogenase Components in Azotobacter vinelandii"

587-594 Yu.P. Semenkov, S.V. Kirillov, V.I. Makhno, A.L. Shvartsman, and S.E. Bresler "Binding of Synthetic Peptidyl-tRNA to the Ribosomes and Enzymatic Synthesis of the Polypeptide Chain"

595-602 L.N. Grigorov, V.D. Zhivotchenko, S.M. Remennikov, L.B. Rubin, and A.B. Rubin "Study of Ectothiorhodospira shaposhnikovii bitracellular Cytochrome Oxidation Reactions Induced by Ruby Laser Flashes"

603-612 E.M. Sorokin and L.A. Tumerman "Cooperative Character of the Interaction of the Two Photochemical Photosynthetic Systems"

613-617 A.V. Shugalii, M.D. Frank-Kamenetskii, and Yu.S. Lazurkin "Block Heterogeneity of DNA from Calf Thymus and E. coli"

618-623 Yu.L. Lyubchenko, E.N. Trifonov, Yu.S. Lazurkin, and M.D. Frank-Kamenetskii "Detection of Low-Melting Sites in the Phage T2 DNA Molecule"

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639-641 Zh.G. Shmerling "CHRONICLES. Genetic Functions of Cytoplasmic Organelles"