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Vol. 5 (1971) N. 1

1-11 S.E. Bresler, G.P. Vlasov, and V.M. Krutyakov "The Catalytic Function of Trypsin with Acylated Active Serine"

12-16 I.A. Lavrinenko, T.M. Morozova, and L.F. Yushkova "Binding of 1,2-3H-Hydrocortisone to the Histones and Nonhistone Proteins in vitro"

17-24 A.A. Strekalov and A.G. Novoseletski "Hemoglobins of Inbrend Mice: Differences in Polymerization in the Maturation of Red Blood Cells"

25-32 G.M. Barenboim, S.N. Borkhsenius, A.V. Zhirmunskii, and B.V. Shchelkov "Thermal Denaturation of Deoxyribonucleoproteins and DNA of the Sperm of Two Closely Related Sea Urchin Species"

33-39 V.P. Shcherbakov, N.A. Shevchenko, N.P. Norenko, and L.L. Gumanov "Protein Biosynthesis in Cells of Escherichia coli Infected with Phage T4B: Effect of Ultraviolet Irradiation"

40-45 D.S. Markovich, N.V. Umrikhina, and M.V. Vol'kenshtein "Specific Binding by Lactate Dehydrogenase of "Reporters" (Mercury Derivatives of Fluorescein)"

46-54 I.A. Vaintraub and Nguyen Thanh Tuen "Quaternary Structure of Vetch Seed Legumin"

55-61 A.M. Skvortsov, T.M. Birshtein, and A.O. Zalenskii "Geometry of the α-Helical Structure of Polypeptides in Solution"

62-72 T.M. Birshtein, A.M. El'yashevich, and A.M. Skvortsov "Theory of Intramolecular β-Structure-Coil Transition"

73-76 V.A. Berdnikov, F.L. Gorel', and T.M. Morozova "Determination of the Fraction of Histone-Free Phosphate Groups in Certain Chromatins"

77-88 K.Martinek, A.K. Yatsimirskii, and I.V. Berezin "Effect of Ionic Strength on the Steady-State Kinetics of α-Chymotrypsin-Catalyzed Reactions"

89-95 G.E. Dobretsov, A.G. Sabel'nikov, V.A. Petrov, E.K. Grigor'eva, and T.A. Borshchevskaya "The Interaction of Aurantine with DNA, Deoxyribonucleoproteins, and Cell Nuclei"

96-98 B.P. Ulanov, T.I. Matorina, and G.M. Dymshits "Production of the Complex of Phosphotungstic Acid with Thymidine-5' -monophosphoric Acid, Modified with Water-Soluble CME-Carbodiimide"

99-101 V.M. Belikov and N.S. Martinkova "The Inhibitory Effect of Nonspecific Substrates on the Hydrolysis of Ethyl N-Acetyl-L-tyrosinate by α-Chymotrypsin"

102-105 G.T. Babkina, D.G. Knorre, and E.G. Malygin "Effects of Cobra Venom RNAase on tRNA, Modified with Water-Soluble Carbodiimide"

106-111 V.A. Ginevskaya, I.V. Skarlat, N.O. Kalinina, and V.I. Agol "Fidelity of Translation in Cell-Free Systems Derived from Animal Cells"

112-119 T.I. Zhilaeva, R.I. Tatarskaya, and L.L. Kiselev "Modification of Yeast Valine Transfer RNA by O-Methylhydroxylamine"

120-125 I.N. Shatskii, N.V. Chichkova, and A.A. Bogdanov "RNA -Protein Interactions in Ribosomes. 1. Thermal Denaturation of RNA in Ribosomes"

126-132 Yu.V. Kozlov "Kinetics of the Initiation and Growth of RNA Chains at High and Low Ionic Strengths"