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Vol. 43 (2009) N. 3


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Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics.

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Cell Molecular Biology

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Structural-Functional Analysis of Biopolymers and Their Complexes

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465-471 M.G. Sharapov, V.I. Novoselov, V.K. Ravin "The cloning, expression, and comparative analysis of peroxiredoxin 6 from various sources"

Mathematical and Systemic Biology

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Applied molecular biology

515-523 D.Yu. Ryazantsev, S.K. Zavriev "An efficient diagnostic method for the identification of potato viral pathogens"

524-527 E.S. Mardanova, R.Yu. Kotlyarov, N.V. Ravin "The optimization of viral vector translation improves the production of recombinant proteins in plants"

Short Communications

528-530 Y.Z. Kurmangaliyev, M.S. Gelfand "Alternative splicing tends to involve protein phosphorylation sites"