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Vol. 41 (2007) N. 5

To The 70th Anniversary Of A.D. Mirzabekov

685-686 "Andrei Dar'evich Mirzabekov (1937-2003)"

687-694 A.M. Kolchinsky, V.E. Barsky, A.S. Zasedatalev "Microchips in the laboratory of A.D. Mirzabekov: 1988-2007"

695-701 O.V. Preobrazhenskaya, V.L. Karpov, A.M. Kolchinsky "The legacy of A.D. Mirzabekov and his laboratory in studies of the chromatin structure via DNA-protein crosslinking"


702-716 D.O. Zharkov "Structure and conformational dynamics of base excision repair DNA glycosylases"

717-722 S.B. Akopov, I.P. Chernov, A.S. Vetchinova, S.S. Bulanenkova, L.G. Nikolaev "Identification and mapping of cis-regulatory elements within long genomic sequences"

723-736 E.A. Moskalyov, A.T. Eprintsev, J.D. Hoheisel "DNA methylation profiling in cancer: From single nucleotides towards the methylome"

Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics.

737-755 V.S. Chupov, E.O. Punina, E.M. Machs, A.V. Rodionov "Nucleotide composition and CpG and CpNpG content of ITS1, ITS2, and the 5.8S rRNA in representatives of the phylogenetic branches melanthiales-liliales and melanthiales-asparagales (Angiospermae, Monocotyledones) reflect the specifics of their evolution"

756-763 O.S. Novikova, V. Fet, A.G. Blinov "LTR retrotransposons in the Aspergillus fumigatus and A. nidulans genomes"

764-775 V.V. Grechko, A.A. Bannikova, S.A. Kosushkin, N.L. Ryabinina, K.D. Milto, I.S. Darevsky, D.A. Kramerov "Molecular genetic diversification of the lizard complex Darevskia raddei (Sauria: Lacertidae): Early stages of speciation"

776-780 I.I. Ahmetov, I.V. Astratenkova, V.A. Rogozkin "Association of a PPARD polymorphism with human physical performance"

Cell Molecular Biology

781-789 K.N. Bulygin, E.A. Popugaeva, M.N. Repkova, M.I. Meschaninova, A.G. Ven'yaminova, D.M. Graifer, L..Yu. Frolova, G.G. Karpova "The C domain of translation termination factor eRF1 is close to the stop codon in the A site of the 80S ribosome"

790-796 S.V. Melnikov, A.G. Evstafieva, A.B. Vartapetian "Interaction with Keap1 does not lead to ubiquitination and degradation of prothymosin α"

Structural-Functional Analysis of Biopolymers and Their Complexes

797-805 A.M. Kargatov, A.V. Efimov "Side-chain rotamers in protein α-α hairpins and a mechanism of their selection"

806-819 E.V. Koudan, M.G. Brevnov, O.M. Subach, O.A. Rechkoblit, J.M. Bujnicki, E.S. Gromova "Probing of contacts between EcoRII DNA methyltransferase and DNA with the use of substrate analogs and molecular modeling"

Mathematical and Systemic Biology

820-826 D.R. Yarullina, O.N. Ilinskaya "Genomic determinants of nitric oxide biosynthesis in Lactobacillus plantarum: Potential opportunities and reality"

827-835 L.V. Sycheva, E.A. Permina, M.S. Gelfand "Taxon-specific regulation of the SOS response in γ-proteobacteria"

836-842 K.Yu. Gorbunov, V.A. Lyubetsky "Reconstruction of ancestral regulatory signals along a transcription factor tree"

843-850 N.V. Vladimirov, V.A. Likhoshvai, Yu.G. Matushkin "Correlation of codon biases and potential secondary structures with mRNA translation efficiency in unicellular organisms"

Applied molecular biology

851-856 M. Azami, D.D. Moghaddam, R. Salehi, M. Salehi "The identification of Cryptosporidium species in Isfahan, Iran by PCR-RFLP analysis of the 18S rRNA gene"

857-859 Al.Kh. Baymiev, I.I. Gubaydullin, An.Kh. Baymiev, A.V. Chemeris "Inverse PCR-based site-directed mutagenesis of nucleotide sequences coding for carbohydrate-binding fragments of legume lectins"