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Vol. 41 (2007) N. 3

To the 40th Anniversary of Molekulyarnaya Biologiya

343-348 S.V. Razin "Chromatin and transcription regulation"

Chromatin. Chromosomes. Transcription

349-360 Changjun Mu, Heng Liu, Guo-Chang Zheng "The modification and variants of histone"

361-375 A.S. Graphodatsky "Comparative chromosomics"

376-386 K.V. Severinov "Interaction of bacterial DNA-dependent RNA polymerase with promoters"

387-401 M.V. Sobennikova, E.K. Shematorova, G.V. Shpakovski "C-terminal domain of subunit Rpb1 of nuclear RNA polymerase II and its role in the transcription cycle"

402-416 N.S. Dyrkheeva, S.N. Khodyreva, O.I. Lavrik "Multifunctional human apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease 1: Role of additional functions"

417-426 V.A. Lanzov "RecA homologous DNA transferase: Functional activities and a search for homology by recombining DNA molecules"

427-437 G.V. Novikova, I.E. Moshkov, D.A. Los "Protein sensors and transducers of cold and osmotic stress in cyanobacteria and plants"

Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics.

438-444 D.A. Gonchar, M.A. Abdurashitov, S.S. Okhapkina, D.A. Shagin, E.V. Kileva, S.Kh. Degtyarev "Sse9I restriction-modification system: Organization of genes and structural comparison of proteins"

445-452 N.B. Petrov, A.N. Pegova, O.G. Manylov, N.S. Vladychenskaya, N.S. Mugue, V.V. Aleshin "Molecular phylogeny of Gastrotricha on the basis of a comparison of the 18S rRNA genes: Rejection of the hypothesis of a relationship between Gastrotricha and Nematoda"

453-458 I.A. Olovnikov, Z.V. Adyanova, E.R. Galimov, D.E. Andreev, I.M. Terenin, D.S. Ivanov, V.S. Prassolov, S.E. Dmitriev "Key role of the internal 5'-UTR segment in the transcription activity of the human L1 retrotransposon"

Cell Molecular Biology

459-466 D.V. Kochetkov, G.V. Ilyinskaya, P.G. Komarov, E. Strom, L.S. Agapova, A.V. Ivanov, A.V. Budanov, E.I. Frolova, P.M. Chumakov "Transcriptional inhibition of the human papilloma virus reactivates tumor suppressor p53 in cervical carcinoma cells"

Structural-Functional Analysis of Biopolymers and Their Complexes

467-476 I.P. Bugreeva, D.V. Bugreev, G.A. Nevinsky "Interaction of single-stranded DNA with the second DNA-binding site of the RecA nucleoprotein filament"

477-484 A.A. Neschastnova, M.G. Yakubovskaya, V.K. Gasanova, G.A. Belitsky, N.G. Dolinnaya "Chemical cleavage of DNA duplexes with single base mismatches as a basis for detection of random point mutations"

485-496 E.V. Brazhnikov, A.V. Efimov "Role of the structural context in selection of hydrophobic side-chain rotamers in a- and d-positions of α-helices"

Mathematical and Systemic Biology

497-512 M.O. Tsiganova, M.S. Gelfand, D.A. Ravcheev "Regulation of bacterial respiration: Comparison of microarray and comparative genomics data"

Short Communications

513-515 A.V. Seliverstov, V.A. Lyubetsky "Regulation of proline biosynthesis in proteobacteria"