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Vol. 40 (2006) N. 4

On His 70th Birthday

499-505 "Lev L'vovich Kisselev"

506-506 L. Kisselev "RNA-protein interactions (Introduction to the thematic issue)"

RNA-Protein Interactions

507-513 V.I. Lim, V.G. Kljashtorny "Kinetic, energetic, and stereochemical factors determining the molecular recognition of proteins and nucleic acids"

514-527 D.M. Shcherbakova, M.E. Zvereva, O.V. Shpanchenko, O.A. Dontsova "Telomerase: Structure and properties of the enzyme, and peculiarities of yeast telomerase"

528-540 R.N. Kotelnikov, S.G. Shpiz, A.I. Kalmykova, V.A. Gvozdev "RNA-binding proteins in RNA interference"

541-550 M.S. Gelfand "Bacterial cis-regulatory RNA structures"

551-563 M.A. Skabkin, D.N. Lyabin, L.P. Ovchinnikov "Nonspecific and specific interactions of Y-box-binding protein 1 (YB-1) with mRNA and posttranscriptional regulation of protein synthesis in animal cells"

564-569 A.C. Gomes, T. Costa, L. Carreto, M.A.S. Santos "On the molecular mechanism of the evolution of genetic code alterations"

570-578 A.V. Ivanov, A.A. Malygin, G.G. Karpova "Eukaryotic ribosomal proteins: Interactions with their own pre-mRNAs and their involvement in splicing regulation"

579-586 S.V. Tishchenko, E.Yu. Nikonova, N.A. Nevskaya, O.S. Nikonov, M.B. Garber, S.V. Nikonov "Interactions of ribosomal protein L1 with ribosomal and messenger RNAs"

587-596 I.V. Boni "Diverse molecular mechanisms of translation initiation in prokaryotes"

597-610 A.L. Konevega, N.G. Soboleva, V.I. Makhno, A.V. Peshekhonov, V.I. Katunin "Effect of modification of tRNA nucleotide 37 on the tRNA interaction with the A and P sites of the Escherichia coli 70S ribosome"

611-619 Yu.V. Svitkin, N. Sonenberg "Translational control by the poly(A) binding protein: A check for mRNA integrity"

620-627 D.E. Andreev, I.M. Terenin, S.E. Dmitriev, I.N. Shatsky "Similar features in the mechanisms of mRNA translation initiation in eukaryotic and prokaryotic systems"

628-634 O.V. Karpova, M.V. Arkhipenko, O.V. Zayakina, N.A. Nikitin, O.I. Kiselyova, S.V. Kozlovsky, N.P. Rodionova, J.G. Atabekov "Regulation of RNA translation in potato virus X RNA-coat protein complexes: The key role of the N-terminal segment of the protein"

635-646 J.V. Kozlov, O.J. Sudarkina, A.G. Kurmanova "Ribosome-inactivating lectins of plants"

647-653 G.A. Zhouravleva, S.E. Moskalenko, S.V. Chabelskaya, M. Philippe, S.G. Inge-Vechtomov "Increased tRNA level in yeast cells with mutant translation termination factors eRF1 and eRF3"

654-663 V.A. Doronina, J.D. Brown "When nonsense makes sense and vice versa: Noncanonical decoding events at stop codons in eukaryotes"

664-672 O. Vesper, D.N. Wilson "Ribosome recycling revisited"