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Vol. 40 (2006) N. 1


1-8 V.M. Krutyakov "Eukaryotic error-prone DNA polymerases: The presumed roles in replication, repair, and mutagenesis"

9-15 A.L. Buchachenko, D.A. Kuznetsov "Magnesium magnetic isotope effect: A key to the mechanochemistry of phosphorylating enzymes as molecular machines"

Priority Publications

16-19 I.V. Babkin, S.N. Shchelkunov "Time scale of Poxvirus evolution"

20-24 S.E. Dmitriev, N.V. Bykova, D.E. Andreev, I.M. Terenin "Adequate system for studying translation initiation on the human retrotransposon L1 mRNA in vitro"

Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics.

25-29 O.E. Fedorova, O.N. Sinicka, L.P. Tihomirova, Ya.V. Visnevskaya, A.S. Zasedatelev, T.V. Nasedkina "Analysis of point mutations of the BRCA1 gene by hybridization with hydrogel microarrays"

30-36 V.S. Naumenko, A.V. Kulikov "Quantitative assay of 5-HT1A receptor gene expression in the brain"

37-42 A.S. Voronov, D.V. Shibalev, A.P. Ryskov, N.S. Kupriyanova "Evolutionary divergence of ribosomal internal transcribed spacer 2 in lizards"

43-50 Z. Fan, X. Wang "Isolation and characterization of a novel dehydrin gene from Capsella bursa-pastoris"

51-62 V.V. Grechko, L.V. Fedorova, D.M. Ryabinin, N.L. Ryabinina, D.G. Ciobanu, S.A. Kosushkin, I.S. Darevsky "The use of nuclear DNA molecular markers for studying speciation and systematics as exemplified by the "Lacerta agilis complex" (Sauria: Lacertidae)"

63-71 O.A. Ten, O.R. Borodulina, N.S. Vassetzky, N.Iu. Oparina, D.A. Kramerov "Repetitive sequences of the tree shrew genome (Mammalia, Scandentia)"

Cell Molecular Biology

72-76 N.Yu. Nazarova, G.I. Chikhirzhina, P. Tuohimaa "Calcitriol induces transcription of the placental transforming growth factor β gene in prostate cancer cells via an androgen-independent mechanism"

Molecular Mechanisms of Biological Processes

77-85 V.A. Alekseenkova, T.I. Belyanko, M.A. Lukin, L.P. Savochkina, R.Sh. Beabealashvili "Interaction between RNA molecules of a two-component trans analog of antigenomic HDV ribozyme"

86-95 V.A. Mitkevich, A.V. Kononenko, N.J. Oparina, P.M. Kolosov, A.A. Makarov, L.L. Kisselev "Thermal denaturation of class 1 eukaryotic translation termination factor eRF1. Relationship between stability and functional activity of eRF1 mutants"

Structural-Functional Analysis of Biopolymers and Their Complexes

96-106 O.V. Galzitskaya, N.V. Dovidchenko, M.Yu. Lobanov, S.O. Garbuzynskiy "Prediction of protein domain boundaries from statistics of appearance of amino acid residues"

107-120 L.A. Limanskaya, A.P. Limansky "S-DNA, over-supercoiled DNA with a 1.94-to 2.19-Å rise per base pair"

121-131 S.E. Babina, F.V. Tuzikov, N.A. Tuzikova, V.N. Buneva, G.A. Nevinskii "Effect of nucleotides on the oligomeric state of human lactoferrin"

132-138 V.K. Gasanova, A.A. Neschastnova, G.A. Belitskii, M.G. Yakubovskaya "Specific oligonucleotide invasion into an end of a DNA duplex"

Applied molecular biology

139-145 E.S. Orlova, A.V. Shcherbakov, V.I. Diev, V.M. Zakharov "Differentiation of capripoxvirus species and strains by polymerase chain reaction"

146-151 A.S. Yakovleva, A.V. Shcherbakov, A.V. Kan'shina, N.S. Mudrak, T.A. Fomina "Use of the recombinant nonstructural 3A, 3B, and 3AB proteins of foot-and-mouth disease virus in indirect ELISA for differentiation of vaccinated and infected cattle"


152-158 A.L. Ksenofontov, V.S. Kozlovskii, L.V. Kordyukova, V.A. Radyukhin, A.V. Timofeeva, E.N. Dobrov "Determination of concentration and aggregate size in influenza virus preparations from true UV absorption spectra"

Short Communications

159-161 M.A. Grachev, S.Yu. Kuznetsova, T.A. Sherbakova "A method for the isolation of pure DNA for PCR"

162-163 Yu.V. Bogunov "Identification of dahlia mosaic virus by molecular methods"