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Vol. 4 (1970) N. 6

641-651 A.Yu. Borisov, E.N. Kondrat'eva, V.D. Samuilov, and V.P. Skulachev "Interrelationship between the Photoreductton of NAD and Phosphorylation in Chromatophores of Rhodospirillum rubrum"

652-656 M.D. Yatsyuk and P.M. Onishchenko "The Effects of Temperature on Changes in the Dielectric and Monomolecular Properties of Human Serum Albumin"

657-662 N.I. Grineva, D.G. Knorre, and V.A. Kurbatov "Specificity of Alkylation of Transfer RNA by 4-(N-2-Chloroethyl-N-Methylamino)-Benzaldehyde"

663-671 Yu.V. II'in, A.Ya. VarshavsKi, and G.P. Georgiev "Structure of Deoxyribonucleoproteins of Chromatin. 3. Investigation of DNP Heterogeneity with the Aid of Equilibrium Ultracentrifugation in CsCl Density Gradient"

672-679 L.V. Abaturov, F.V. Shmakova, and Ya.M. Varshavskii "Investigation of Structural Characteristics of Native and Chemically Modified Egg Albumin by Methods of Isotopic Hydrogen Exchange and Infrared Spectroscopy"

680-685 V.P. Shcherbakov, E.F. Illarionov, N.A. Shevchenko, and L.L. Gumanov "Detection of the Protein Coded by the rll Gene of T4 Phage by the Method of Electrophoresis in a Concentration Gradient of Polyacrylamide Gel"

686-695 A.N. Luganskaya and A.A. Krasnovskii "Investigation of the Mechanism of Redox Reactions in the Presence or Oxygen Photosensitized by Chlorophyll"

696-700 Yu.M. Torchinskii and G.A. Kogan "Optical Rotatory Dispersion of Aspartate Transaminase in the Far Ultraviolet and Visible Regions"

701-708 V.I. Ivanov and V.L. Florent'ev "RNA Polymerase: A Two-Step Mechanism with Overlapping Steps"

709-718 V.A. Gvozdev, V.Ya. Birshtein, and L.Z. Faizullin "Gene-Dependent Regulation of the Formation of 6-Phosphogluconate Dehydrogenase in Drosophilia melanogaster"

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745-752 O.A. Goryukhina, A.A. Myul'berg, and S.B. Ivanova "The Interaction of Soluble Deoxyribonucleoprotein with Different Histone Fractions"