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Vol. 4 (1970) N. 5

513-517 B.P. Atanasov and N. Vlakhova-Stambolieva "Study of the Kinetics of the Interaction of the Active Dye Remazole RR with αS-Casein"

518-527 A.Yu. Borisov and R.N. Ivanovskii "Theory of Cytochromic Electron Transport in Photosynthesis as Applied to the Study of Purple Bacteria"

528-534 V.P. Zavyalov, I.F. Kiryukhin, and G.V. Troitskii "Reversible Temperature Transitions of Native γG-Globulins and Egg Albumin"

535-541 A.M. Belikova, N.I. Grineva, T.P. Eremeeva, and V.A. Kurbatov "Alkylation of Guanosine by 4-(N-2-Chloroethyl-N-methylamlno)-benzaldehyde"

542-549 V.V. Zinov'ev, D.G. Knorre, and O.I. Lavrik "Mechanisms of the Stimulating Effect of tRNA on the Formation of Valylhydroxamate, Catalyzed by Valyl-tRNA Synthetase"

550-558 G.I. Likhtenshtein, Yu.B. Grebenshchikov, P.Kh. Bobodzhanov, and Yu.V. Kokhanov "An Investigation of the Microstructure of Proteins by the "Paramagnetic Label Paramagnetic Sound" Method"

559-563 M.V.Glikina, N.P. Kuznetsova, I.N. Bolotina, and G.V. Samsonov "The State of Insulin in Molecular Complexes with Polyacrylic and Polymethacrylic Acids"

564-571 A.M. Belikova and N.I. Grineva "Preparation, Properties, and Products of the Acid Hydrolysis of tRNA Alkylated with 4-(N-2-Chloroethyl-N-methyIamino)-benzaldehyde"

572-578 E.V. Frisman, M.A. Sibileva, V.I. Vorob'ev, E.S. Gorshenina, L.V. Turoverova, and S.N. Borkhsenius "An Investigation of Deoxyribonucleoproteins Modified by a Stepwise Decrease in Protein Content"

579-585 V.A. Zubkov, Т.М. Birshtein, I.S. Milevskaya, and M.V. Vol'kenshtein "The Circular Dichroism of Coil-Like Polypeptides"

586-592 B.F. Vanyushin, N.N. Belyaeva, N.A. Kokurina, V. Ya. Stel'mashchuk, and A.S. Tikhonenko "Characteristics of Uracil-Containing DNA from AR9 Phage of Bacillus subtilis"

593-596 S.M. Avaeva and A.T. Mevkh "Interaction of Yeast Inorganic Pyrophosphatase with 32P-Labeled N-Benzoyl-O-pyrophosphoserine Methylamide"

597-603 Yu.A. Bannikov and E.N. Trifonov "Investigation of Defects in the Secondary Structure of DNA with Single-Strand Breaks"

604-608 N.S. Vedenkina and E.A. Burshtein "Tryptophan Fluorescence of Proteins in Solutions. The Position of the Maximum in the Fluorescence Spectrum"

609-612 D.G. Knorre, L.P. Snezhenko, and N.M. Teplovn "N-Acetylphenylalanyl-tRNA from Escherichia coli: Hydrolytic Stability and Modification with 2',3'-O-[4-(N-2-Chloroethyl-N-methylamino)-benzylidene]-uridine-5'-methylphosphate"

613-618 O.F. Borisova and E.E. Minyat "Distribution of Histones in DNP and Their Dissociation"

619-628 O.K. Mamaeva, A.L. Bocharov, E.S. Dement'eva, V.I. Ivanov, M.Ya. Karpeiskil, and V.L. Florent'ev "Influence of Alkyl Substituenls on the Coenzyme Properties of Pyridoxal Phosphate"

629-633 V.M. Zhdanov, A.G. Bukrinskaya, and A.F. Sito "Replicative Forms of RNA of Two Paramyxoviruses"

634-640 B.I. Kurganov and V.A. Yakovlev "Solution of Three-Parameter Equations in Enzyme Kinetics by the Difference Method"