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Vol. 38 (2004) N. 4


469-481 R.A. Musina, Ye.Ye. Yegorov, A.V. Belyavsky "Stem Cells: Properties and Prospective Medical Applications"

482-493 V.G. Debabov "Bacterial and Archaeal S-Layers as a Subject of Nanobiotechnology"

Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics.

494-502 N.A. Aytkhozhina, N.V. Dzisuk, E.K. Ludvikova "Polymorphism of the Noncoding Region of the Mitochondrial Genome in Three Kazakh Populations Inhabiting Different Areas of Kazakhstan and in DNA Samples from Ancient Populations of the Kazakhstani Altai"

503-508 B.A. Malyarchuk "Comparison of the Mutation Spectrum of Hypervariable Segment 1 for Phylogeographical Groups of Human Mitochondrial DNA"

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524-529 A.V. Marussin, V.A. Stepanov, M.G. Spiridonova, V.P. Puzyrev "Polymorphisms of Alcohol Dehydrogenase Genes ADH1B and ADH7 in Russian Populations of Siberia"

530-537 N.V. Akulenko, T.V. Ivashina, L.A. Shaloiko, M.G. Shlyapnikov, V.N. Ksenzenko "New Site-Specific Endonucleases F-TflI, F-TflII, and F-TflIV Encoded by Bacteriophage T5"

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Cell Molecular Biology

561-567 O.I. Karpova, S. Saccone, A. Varriale, T.V. Sizova, M.V. Penkina, Yu.F. Bogdanov "Localization of DNA Sequences Tightly Associated with the Synaptonemal Complex in Compositional Fractions of the Golden Hamster Genome"

Molecular Mechanisms of Biological Processes

568-574 A.V. Ivanov, A.A. Malygin, G.G. Karpova "Human Ribosomal Protein S26 Inhibits Splicing of Its Own Pre-mRNA"

575-581 E.M. Chudinova, P.A. Ivanov, E.S. Nadezhdina "Nuclear Localization Signals in p170, the Large Subunit of Translation Initiation Factor 3"

Structural-Functional Analysis of Biopolymers and Their Complexes

582-589 N.A. Isakova, I.N. Alieva, N.M. Godjaev "Conformational Properties of Neuromedin NmU-8 and Its Modified Analogs"

590-599 A.M. Polyanichko, E.V. Chikhirzhina, V.V. Andrushchenko, E.I. Kostyleva, H. Wieser, V.I. Vorob'ev "The Effect of Ca2+ Ions on DNA Compaction in the Complex with HMGB1 Nonhistone Chromosomal Protein"

Applied molecular biology

600-602 A.A. Gortchakov, J. Kaltenhäuser, H. Eggert, H. Saumweber "Construction of pMH, a Convenient Escherichia coli Protein Expression Vector"

603-607 O.A. Lihoradova, E.Yu. Bachurina, Sh.S. Azimova "Biosynthesis of the Recombinant Middle Surface Antigen of the Human Hepatitis B Virus in Silkworm Larvae"


608-614 N.V. Garmashova, V.E. Kazanskii, O.B. Tyshkevich, B.M. Doronin, V.N. Buneva, G.A. Nevinskii "Antibodies to DNA in the Blood of Patients with Tick-Borne Encephalitis"

The conference

615-618 "National Conference "From Double Helix to Human Genome" Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Bayev (January 19-21, 2004, Moscow)"

619-632 "Theses of National Conference “From Double Helix to Human Genome” Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Bayev"

633-633 "Letter from Prof. Shyam Dube"