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Vol. 34 (2000) N. 6

In Memoriam M.A. Prokofev and Z.A. Shabarova, the Founders of Russian School of Nucleic Acid Chemistry - Special Issue

777-780 A.A. Bogdanov "The Scientific School of M.A. Prokofiev and Z.A. Shabarova"

781-789 I.A. Kozlov, L.E. Orgel "Nonenzymatic Template-directed Synthesis of RNA from Monomers"

790-803 N.G. Dolinnaya, O.A. Borisova "Sulfur-containing Nucleic Acids: Synthesis, Chemical Reactions in Supramolecular Biopolymer Complexes, Biological Applications"

804-813 A.S. Boutorine, G.N. Grimm, C. Héléne "Methods of Attaching Unprotected Oligonucleotides to DNA-binding, Fluorescent, or Reactive Ligands for Synthesis of Antisense or Gene-directed Agents and Probes"

814-822 O.S. Fedorova, V.V. Koval', S.L. Karnaukhova, M.I. Dobrikov, V.V. Vlassov, D.G. Knorre "Cooperative Interactions in Photosensitized Modification of DNA with Oligonucleotide-derived Binary Reagents"

823-839 G.A. Korshunova, N.V. Sumbatyan, A.N. Topin, M.T. Mtchedlidze "Photoactivatable Reagents Based on Aryl(trifluoromethyl)diazirines: Synthesis and Application for Studying Nucleic Acid-Protein Interactions"

840-851 D.V. Pyshnyi, L.M. Skobeltsyna, E.N. Gushchina, I.A. Pyshnaya, I.G. Shishkina, G.M. Dymshits, V.F. Zarytova, E.M. Ivanova "Detection of Single-Base Substitutions in Amplified Fragments via Ligation of a Tandem of Short Oligonucleotides in Solution and on a Solid Carrier"

852-859 D.A. Stetsenko, A.A. Arzumanov, V.A. Korshun, M.J. Gait "Peptide Conjugates of Oligonucleotides As Enhanced Antisense Agents"

860-874 A.I. Rykhlevskaya, S.A. Kuznetsova "Mono- and Bifunctional DNA Glycosylases Involved in Repairing Oxidatively Damaged DNA"

875-887 I.V. Lebedeva, C.A. Stein "Antisense Downregulation of the Apoptosis-related Bcl-2 and Bcl-xL Proteins: A New Approach to Cancer Therapy"

888-894 M.D. Pinskaya, P. Brodin, E.A. Romanova, E.M. Volkov, J.-F. Mouscadet, M.B. Gottikh "Inhibition of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 DNA Integration by Modified Oligonucleotides"

895-901 N.F. Krynetskaia, E.Y. Krynetski "Elucidating the Targets of Antileukemic Agents: Molecular Mechanisms of Mercaptopurine Action"

902-912 W. Wende, S. Schöttler, W. Grindl, F. Christ, S. Steuer, A. J. Noél, V. Pingoud, A. Pingoud "A Mutational Analysis of DNA Binding and Cleavage by the Homing Endonuclease PI-SceI"

913-920 O.V. Babkina, A.G. Evstafieva, N.V. Chichkova, A.B. Vartapetian, S. Müller, V.B. Baskunov, O.V. Petrauskene, S.N. Kochetkov, E.S. Gromova "Recombinant Components of the EcoRII Restriction-Modification System: Restriction Endonuclease Can Interact with DNA∙RNA Duplexes"

921-926 O.V. Vorob'eva, S.A. Vasil'ev, A.S. Karyagina, T.S. Oretskaya, E.A. Kubareva "Analysis of DNA-Protein Contacts in a Complex between Methyltransferase SsoII and a Promoter Region of the SsoII Restriction-Modification Genes"

927-933 M.E. Zvereva, O.V. Shpanchenko, O.A. Dontsova, A.A. Bogdanov "Structure and Function of tmRNA (10Sa RNA)"

934-939 R. Welz, C. Schmidt, S. Müller "Rational Design and Synthesis of Ribozymes"

940-954 A.M. Kopylov, V.A. Spiridonova "Combinatorial Chemistry of Nucleic Acids: SELEX"


955-957 L.A. Blumenfeld, Yu.F. Bogdanov, V.I. Ivanov, N.A. Lyapunova "Pioneer of Molecular Genetics"