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Vol. 3 (1969) N. 1

1-4 Zh. M.Bekker and Yu.N. Molin "Radiospectroscopic Investigation of Complex Formation between tRNA and Mn2+ Ions"

5-9 I.P. Ashmarin, Yu.P. Zerov, and T.N. Priyatkina "Isolation and Characteristics of a DNA-Like RNA Obtained from Acetobacter suboxydans"

10-20 S.E. Bresler, G.P. Vlasov, and V.M. Krutyakov "Comparative Study of Mechanisms of Tryptic Hydrolysis of Ester and Amide Bonds"

21-23 S.E. Bresler, D.P. Dobychin, A.G. Popov, and A.T. Sukhodolova "Chromatographic Purification of Viruses on Porous Glass"

24-30 V.B. Evstigneev and O.D. Bekasova "Photochemical Properties of Phycocyanobilin"

31-36 V.B. Evstigneev, G.D. Olovyanishnikova, and N.A. Sadovnikova "Interaction of Ubiquinone 30 (Coenzyme Q6) with Light-Excited Chlorophyll and Bacterioviridin"

37-44 S.A. Neifakh, E.Kh. Safaryan, and V.S. Turovskii "Kinasine Biosynthesis by Isolated Mitochondria"

45-56 V.A. Shuvalov and F.F. Litvin "Mechanism of Prolonged Afterluminescence of Plant Leaves and Energy Storage in the Photosynthetic Reaction Centers"

57-67 S.G. Kamzolova, V.F. Manyakov, N.A. Kiselev, M.F. Shemyakin, O.B. Astaurova, and R.B. Khesin "Formation of RNA Polymerase -DNA Complexes"

68-74 N.I. Matvienko "Partial Diploidy in Bacteriophage T4B"

75-80 M.V. Vol'kenshtein, L.T. Metlyaev, and I.S. Milevskaya "Assignment of Bands in the Absorption Spectrum of Iron-Porphin Complexes and Interpretation of Magnetooptical Rotation in These Bands"

81-87 V.K. Podgorodnichenko, A.M. Poverennyi, and A.L. Mazin "Antigenic Determinants of Deoxyribonucleic Acids Damaged by Ultraviolet Radiation"

88-93 L.L. Kiselev and T.A. Avdonina "Specific mRNA-tRNA Complexes in a Ribosome-Free System"

94-102 Т.М. Birshtein and О.В. Ptitsyn "Method for Determining the Stability of the Helical Structure of Polypeptide Chains from the Helix-Coil Transitions with a Change of Solvent Composition"

103-112 A.V. Shugalii, M.D. Frank-Kamenetskii, and Yu.S. Lazurkin "Viscometric Study of the Helix-Coil Transition in the DNA of Phage T2"

113-122 V.N. Gershanovich, D. N. Mandzhgaladze, V.V. Klyucheva, and G.I. Burd "Escherichia coli Mutants with Defects in the Glycolysis System and in Pentose Phosphate Pathways for Utilization of Carbohydrates"