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Vol. 2 (1968) N. 5

507-520 Yu.G. Baklagina "The Structure of Intermolecular Purine-Pyrimidine Complexes"

521-528 G.I. Likhtenshtein and T.V. Troshkina "Kinetics of Cooperative Processes in Proteins"

529-535 T.V. Troshkina and G.I. Likhtenshtein "Kinetic Investigation of Conformational Changes in Bovine Liver Catalase"

536-544 E.А. Rapoport "Transfer of Parenterally Administered Histones Labeled by Radioactive Amino Acids into Subcellular Structures of Rat Liver"

545-549 V.I. Bruskov "Some Problems of Negative Staining in Electron Microscopy of Biological Objects"

550-558 L.E. Gorn "The Kinetics of Methemoglobin Formation in the Presence of Quinone and Hydroxylamine"

559-566 T.V. Barskaya, I.A. Bolotina, and O.B. Ptitsyn "Comparison of the Degree of Cooperativeness of Helix-Coil Transitions in the Esters of Poly-L-Glutamic Acid"

567-570 A.M. Skvortsov and О.В. Ptitsyn "Theoretical Evaluation of the Size of Molecules of Synthetic Polypeptides in the Helix-Coil Transition Region"

571-575 D.G. Knorre "Kinetic Equations for Aminoacylhydroxamate Formation Catalyzed by Aminoacyl-tRNA-Synthetases"

576-580 R.I. Salganik, S.V. Argutinskaya, N.P. Mertvetsov, and I.B. Khristolyubova "Local Disturbances of the Ability to Induce as a Result of Prolonged Administrations of a Hormonal Inducer to Animals"

581-587 N.V. Belitsina, L.P. Ovchinnikov, A.S. Spirin, Yu.Z. Gendon, and V.I. Chernos "Informosomes of HeLa Cells Infected with Vaccinia Virus"

588-600 L.N. Anan'eva, Yu.V. Kozlov, A.P. Ryskov, and G.P. Georgiev "Control of Messenger RNA Biosynthesis in the Animal Cell. 1. Differences in the Transcription of Deoxyribonucleoprotein and Free DNA"

601-609 L.P. Ovchinnikov, A.S. Voronina, A.S. Stepanov, N.V. Velitsina, and A.S. Spirin "Informosome-Like Complexes Formed on Addition of RNA to Animal Cell Homogenates"

610-613 N.D. Lomovskaya, A.N. Maisuryan, and S.I. Alikhanyan "Interallelic Complementation as an Index of Complete Polypeptide Chain Synthesis in Suppression of Amber Mutants of Bacteriophage T4"

614-620 E.А. Tolosa, E.V. Goryachenkova, R.M. Khomutov, and E.S. Severin "The Response to Inhibitors and Spectral Properties of Cysteine Lyase"

621-625 M.D. Frank-Kamenetskii and A.D. Frank-Kamenetskii "Width of Spiral - Ball Transition Interval in Relation to Length of DNA Chain"