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Vol. 2 (1968) N. 2

85-95 B.Z. Volchek and A.V. Purkina "Conformational Transitions in Polypeptides in the Solid State"

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129-134 V.A. Mel'nikov, В.P. Ulanov, I.R. Rakovskaya, and G.Ya. Kagan "Electron-Microscopic Investigation of DNA in Mycoplasma laidlawii"

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157-163 S.E. Bresler and L.M. Firsov "Spectrophotometric Investigation of the Enzyme-Substrate Complex of Phosphorylase В"

164-170 V.A. Yakovlev and R.S. Agabekyan "Studying Conformational Change in Choline Esterase by the Methods of Rotatory Dispersion and Differential Spectrophotometry"

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193-198 G.I. Likhtenshtein "Determination of Protein-Group Topography with Specific Paramagnetic Tags"

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229-233 V.I. Permogorov and I.A. Sladkova "Optical Assay of Free Phosphate Groups in Ribosomes of Escherichia coli"