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Vol. 13 (1979) N. 6

931-951 L.A. Lokshina "Regulatory Role of Proteolytic Enzymes"

952-957 V.G. Debabov, L.F. Lideman, O.I. Khlebalina, and T.S. Kotova "Use of Combined Transcription-Translation System to Elucidate the Role of Cryptic Plasmids of Bacillus thuringiensis"

957-965 G.K. Kovaleva, S.Kh. Degtyarev, and O.O. Favorova "Affinity Modification of Tryptophanyl-tRNA Synthetase by an Alkylating Analog of Tryptophan"

966-972 S.Kh. Degtyarev and S.F. Beresten "Tryptophanyl-tRNA Synthetase: Limited Hydrolysis under the Action of Elastase and Production of a One-Center Form of the Enzyme"

973-978 S.Z. Simonyan, T.P. Antonova, V.I. Chernos, and V.V. Nosikov "Use of the Restriction Enzymes EcoRI, BamHI, KpnI, and HindIII for Analysis of the Genome of Vaccinia Virus"

979-992 G.B. Zavil'gel'skii and E.M. Khodkova "Repair of Recombinant Plasmids"

992-1000 N.N. Polukhina, Yu.M. Evdokimov, and Ya.M. Varshavskii "Special Features of Kinetics of Structural Transition of DNA after Thermal Shock Recorded from Hyperchromic Effect"

1001-1007 B.D. Brondz, A.V. Karaulov, and I.F. Abronina "Detection of Receptors of Specific T-Cell Suppressors Immune to Antigens H-2 and Their Enrichment by Fractionation on Target Cell Monolayer "

1008-1013 V.Z. Tarantul, A.I. Nikolaev, S.A. Sivak, and K.G. Gazaryan "Molecular Organization of the Pigeon Genome. Detection of Clusters Consisting of Extended Homopolymer and Short Palindrome Sequences"

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1056-1064 Zh.M. Gorlenko, V.M. Afanas'ev, and V.R. Yarulin "Influence of Rifampicin and a Mutation That Changes RNA Polymerase on the Spectrum of Proteins Synthesized by Escherichia coli Cells"

1065-1072 "Isolation of DNA Fraction Attached to Backbone of Metaphase Chromosome and a Study of Its Renaturation Properties"

1073-1081 G.N. Lapiashvili, E.A. Lesnik, I.M. Kochkina, R.N. Maslova, and Ya.M. Varshavskii "Investigation of Intermolecular Association of the Complexes Poly(G).Poly(C) and Poly(dG).Poly(dC) in Solution by 1H→3H Exchange and Electron Microscopy"

1081-1086 V.N. Senchenko, E.Yu. Kolbanovskaya, and A.L. Bocharov "Isolation and Some Properties of Functional Homogeneous Nuclease SI from a-Amyloryzin"

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1105-1109 I.D. Bobruskin, M.Yu. Pokrovskaya M.P. Kirpichnikov, and V.L. Florent'ev "NMR Study of the Conformation of Nucleotides, Oligonucleotides, and Their Analogs. III. The syn↔antl Equilibrium of Cytidine and 2'-Deoxycytidine in Solution"

1110-1116 O.V. Makarova and D.M. Gol'dfarb "Inhibition of RNA Synthesis in vitro by Antibodies against Mononucleotides"

1947-1055 S.M. Mirkin, E.S. Bogdanova, Zh.M. Gorlenko, A.I. Gragerov, and O.A. Larionov "Influence of DNA Supercoiling Transcription Accomplished by Normal and Mutant RNA Polymerases of Escherichia coli"