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Vol. 13 (1979) N. 4

547-569 V.S. Gaitskhoki "Molecular Organization of Eukaryotic Messenger RNAs"

569-576 N.N. Peshin and S.V. Kirillov "Nature of Heterogeneity of 30S Ribosomal Subunits in vitro. II. Two Types of Inactivation of 30S Subunits of Escherichia coli Ribosomes"

576-581 K.G. Gazaryan, E.D. Kuznetsova, I.V. Fetisova, and V.Z. Tarantul "Metabolically Stable Classes of Nuclear RNA of the Messenger Type. II. Existence of Homology between 28S Fraction of Nuclear RNA, Giant Poly(A-) Molecules of Heterogeneous Nuclear RNA, and Poly(A+) Molecules of Cytoplasmic RNA"

582-587 M. Shie and E.N. Dobrov "Model of Assembly of Tobacco Mosaic Virus in vitro: Specific Dislocation as a Result of Cooperative Single-Letter Recognition of Purines and Noncooperative Locking of RNA Chains between Layers of Subunits"

588-595 Yu.F. Drygin, A.B. Vartapetyan, and K.M. Chumakov "Covalent Binding of RNA and Protein in Encephalomyocarditis Virus"

596-603 I.I. Gorshkova and O.I. Lavrik "Effect of Modification of Phenylalanyl-tRNA Synthetase on Lysine and Arginine Residues on Ionic Interactions of Enzyme with tRNAPhe"

603-607 A.T. Gudkov and L.G. Tumanova "Physicochemical Characteristics of Ribosomal Proteins L10 and L11"

607-612 S.G. Skuridin, V.S. Shashkov, Yu.M. Evdokimov, and Ya.M. Varshavskii "Conditions of Formation of Optically Active Compact Particles of Double-Stranded DNA in Solutions of Different Salts Containing Polyethylene Glycol"

612-620 0.K. Mamaeva, M.Ya. Karpeiskii, A.M. Karpeiskii, and R.Sh. Bibilashvili "Interaction of Oligophosphates of Pyridoxal with Polynucleotide-Synthesizing Enzymes"

621-625 V.I. Poltev, N.V. Shulyupina, and V.I. Bruskov "Molecular Mechanisms of Mutations Induced by 2-Aminopurine and 2,6-Diaminopurine"

626-631 V.L. Tsuprun and I.G. Surgucheva "Structural Investigations of Tubulin in Flat Sheets Formed in Presence of Zinc"

632-637 A.P. Losev and N.D. Lyal'kova "Investigation of Initial Steps of Photoreduction of Photochlorophyllide in Etiolated Plants"

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660-674 I.D. Bobruskin, M.P. Kirpichnikov, and V.L. Florent'ev "NMR Investigation of Conformation of Nucleotides, Oligonucleotides, and Their Analogs in Solution. II. syn-anti Equilibrium of Adenosine, 5'-AMP, 3'-AMP, 5'-CMP, and 3'-CMP in Solution"

674-683 E.I. Zenkevitch, G.A. Kochubeev, A.P. Losev, and G.P. Gurinovitch "Mixed Aggregations of Pigments with Participation of Bacteriochlorophyll"

684-694 V.I. Pozdnyakov and Yu.A. Pankov "Optimal Correspondence Diagram for Two Amino Acid Sequences: Solution of the Problem of Extra Gaps"

694-699 E.N. Khurs, D.E. Metzler, and R.M. Khomutov "Reaction between Apo-A Aspartate Transaminase and 5'-Thiophosphate Coenzyme Analogs. Cleavage of Thiophosphate Bond"

699-704 L.A. Zamchuk "Immunological and Sedimentation Analysis of UV-Irradiated Phage T4 DNA Containing 5-Bromouracil"

705-712 T.G. Beridze "Comparative Investigation of Genomes of Some Higher Plants"

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723-729 N.V. Karapetyan and N.B. Bukhov "Effect of Dehydration of Functioning of Photosystems of Higher Plants"

730-736 G.G. Karpova, E.L. Shelpakova, and N.I. Grineva "Study of Complex Formation between Oligoadenylate 4-(N-2-Chloroethyl-N- methylamino)benzyl-5'-phosphamides and DNA by Equilibrium Dialysis"