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Vol. 12 (1978) N. 6

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1002-1013 Vl.A. Brykov, V.G. Vol'fson, E.G. Motrenko, and V.I. Vorob'ev "Unique and Repetitive Nucleotide Sequences in Genome of Echinodermata. I. Organization of Nucleotide Sequences of Differing Degrees of Multiplicity in DNA of Echinodermata"

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1052-1066 I.Ya. Skuratovskii and V.N. Bartenev "Investigation of the Structure of Magnesium and Lithium Salts of Phage T2 DNA by X-Ray Diffraction Analysis. Possible Mechanism of the Participation of Cations in the Structural Transformations of Double-Stranded DNA"

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