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Vol. 11 (1977) N. 4

555-568 D.S. Markovich "Some Aspects of the Structure and Function of NAD-Dependent Dehydrogenases"

568-573 E.E. Fesenko and A.L. Lyubarskii "Molecular Mechanisms of Generation of the Receptor Potential by the Photoreceptor. I. Light-Induced Changes in the Permeability of Artificial Lipid Membranes Modified with Fragments of Photoreceptor Membranes"

574-578 E.E. Fesenko, N.Ya. Orlov, V.L. Ratner, and A.L. Lyubarskii "Molecular Mechanisms of Generation of the Receptor Potential by the Photoreceptor. II. Identification of the Conformational Transition of Rhodopsin Responsible for the Front of the Photoresponse of an Artificial Lipid Membrane Modified with Fragments of the Outer Segment of the Rod"

579-585 Yu.P. Blagoi, V.A. Sorokin, V.A. Valeev, S.A. Khomenko, and G.O. Gladchenko "Investigation of the Action of Magnesium Ions on the Thermal Denaturation of DNA"

586-592 I.A. Khmel', I.P. Vorob'eva, S.L. Bogdanova, V.P. Polyanin, and I.V. Fetisova "Induction of the Synthesis of Colicin El in Cells of Escherichia coli with Various Contents of Plasmid DNA"

593-604 P.Ya. Boikov and N.A. Shevchenko "Topological Model of the Replication of Bacteriophage T 4 DNA"

605-611 V.A. Pospelov, S.B. Svetlikova, and V.I. Vorob'ev "Electrophoretic Investigation of the Heterogeneity of Chromatin Subunits"

612-620 S.D. Varfolomeev "Kinetics of Reactions in Multienzyme Systems. II. Non-Steady-State Kinetics. Pre-Steady-State and Relaxation Regimes in Two-Enzyme Systems and Linear Sequences"

620-624 B.V. Tyaglov and S.V. Zenin "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Nucleotide Amides. Structure of the Intramolecular Complex Deoxyadenylyl(5'-3')deoxyadenylyl(5' → N)-L-Phenylalanine"

625-627 E.E. Maksimov and Yu.V. Mitin "Isolation of the Calcium-Binding Domain of Carp Parvalbumin"

627-634 A.V. Finkel'shtein "Electrostatic Interactions of Charged Groups in an Aqueous Medium and Their Effect on the Formation of Polypeptide Chain Secondary Structure"

635-639 V.N. Krylov, B.A. Rebentish, V.G. Debabov, A.T. Karapetyan, and V.A. Naroditskaya "Restriction of DNA of New Lambdoid Bacteriophages by the Specific Endonuclease EcoRI"

640-644 K.G. Khulordava, Yu.N. Kosaganov, M.I. Zarudnaya, Yu.S. Lazurkin, Yu.A. Semin, and A.M. Poverennyi "Use of a β-Alanine-Formaldehyde Reaction Product for the Kinetic Determination of Defects in DNA Secondary Structure"

645-652 V.S. Dashkevich, N.A. Dudareva, T.V. Arshinova, and R.L Salganik "Study of the Properties of Replicating DNA in Regenerating Rat Liver Isolated by Phenol Fractionation"

653-661 L.N. Drozdov-Tikhomirov and G.L Skurida "Mathematical Model of the Synthesis and Secretion of Tryptophan by Е. соli"

661-669 V.A. Aivazashvili, R.Sh. Bibilashvili, and V.L. Florent'ev "ATP Analogs in toe RNA Polymerase Reaction"

669-671 A.M. Gadzhiev, A.A. Vazina, and N.M. Godzhaev "Small-Angle Diffuse Scattering of X Rays by Thin Muscle Filaments"

672-678 L.A. Yakovleva, N.L. Klyachko, and O.N. Kulaeva "Action of 6-Benzylaminopurine on toe Incorporation of [14C]Leucine into Protein in a Cell-Free System from Isolated Pumpkin Cotyledons"

679-682 Yu.M. Sivolap, L.F. D'yachenko, and A.N. Novoselov "Some Features of the Molecular Structure of Plant Genomes"

683-689 A.A. Ginatulin, L.K. Ginatulina, Yu.M. Borisov, E.A. Lyapunova, and N.N. Vorontsov "Investigation of the Reassociation Kinetics of DNA from Mole Lemmings (Ellobfus) with Different Chromosomal Forms in Relation to Chromosomal Rearrangements during Evolution"

690-697 Yu.M. Evdokimov, T.L. Pyatigorskaya, V.A. Kadykov, O.F. Polivtsev, L Doscocil, J. Doudelka, and Ya.M. Varshavskii "Compact Form of DNA in Solution. ХП. Compaction of Double-Stranded Polyribonucleotides in Presence of Polyethylene Glycol"

698-703 "Physicochemical Properties of some Bacillus thuringiensis Phages"

703-709 V.I. Golubkov, T.V. Gupalova, I.M. Iontova, T.G. Kolesnichenko, and A.A. Totolyan "Isolation and Characterization of the Plasmid Determining Multiple Antibiotic Resistance In Strains of Group A Streptococci"

710-721 A.I. Poletaev, V.L. Makarov, P.G. Sveshnikov, N.O. Kondrat'eva, and M.V. Vol'kenshtein "Circular Dichroism of DNA- Dye Complexes. II. Anisotropy of Circular Dichroism Long-Wave Effect and Structure of Complex"

721-726 P.P. Noks, A.A. Kononenko, and A.B. Rubin "Spectral Position of the Basic Absorption Band of the Pigment Complex P870 and Kinetics of Photoinduced Oxidoreductions in the Reaction Centers and Chromatophores of Purple Bacteria at Various Temperatures and Extensive Hydration of the Preparations"

727-733 G.A. Romanov and B.F. Vanyushin "Comparative Analysis of Renaturation Kinetics of Newly Synthesized and Total Eukaryotic DNA as a Method for Showing Selective DNA Synthesis in the Genome"