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Vol. 11 (1977) N. 3

365-380 A.L. Mazin "Hydroxy apatite Thin-Layer Chromatography of Nucleic Acids"

381-387 G.E. Fradkin, O.A. Aizenberg, and I.I. Samoilenko "Stabilization and Repair of Metabolic Breaks in DNA Chains Resulting from an Imbalance between Protein and DNA Synthesis"

387-393 Yu.M. Evdokimov, T.L. Pyatigorskaya, N.A. Belozerskaya, Ya.M. Varshavskiy M.Becker, and D. Zirver "Compact Form of DNA in Solution. XI. Melting of Compact Form of DNA Formed in Aqueous Salt Solutions Containing Polyethylene Glycol"

394-397 V.I. Degtyarenko and A.S. Fedchuk "Proteolytic Mechanism of the Deproteinization of Influenza Virus by Plasma Membranes"

398-405 I.A. Novikov and B.I. Sukhorukov "Investigation of the Role of Water in the Thermal Instability of DNA"

405-409 G.M. Dymshits and V.Ya. Fet "A Protein Factor from the Regenerating Rat Liver that Destabilizes the Secondary Structure of DNA"

410-415 B.P. Atanasov, G.B. Postnikova, Yu.Kh. Sadykov, and M.V, Vol'kenshtein "Study of Electron Transfer in Hemoproteins. II. pH Dependence of the Rate of Reduction of Ferricytochrome С by Oxymyoglobin"

416-423 A.P. Potapov and A.A. Bogdanov "Study of Compact Structure of Small 8ubparticle of Е. coli Ribosomes and RNA by Methods of Fluorescent Spectroscopy and High-Speed Sedimentation"

423-429 A.A. Akhrem, D.Yu. Lando, V.L Krot, and V.T. Andrianov "Investigation of the Melting of Nucleoproteine. II. Melting of Irreversible DNA-Protein Complexes"

430-443 S.D. Varfolomeev "Kinetics of Reactions in Multienzyme Systems. I. Steady-State Processes In Two-Enzyme Systems. Linear Multienzyme Sequences"

443-454 V.A. Kabanov, V.P. Evdakov, M.I. Mustafaev, and A.D. Antipina "Cooperative Bonding of Serum Albumin by Quaternized Poly-4-Vinylpyridines and Structure of the Complexes Formed"

455-465 T.A. Rozovskaya, R.Sh. Bibllashvill, N.B. Tarusova, G.V. Gurskii, and S.A. Strel'tsov "Introduction of a Fluorescent Label at the 3'-OH End of DNA and the 3'-OH End of Growing RNA Chain"

466-473 V.N. Gershanovich, T.S. Il'ina, O.Yu. Rusina, N.V. Yurovitskaya, and T.N. Bol'shakova "Supression of the Inducible Synthesis of Enzymes in an Еscherichia coli KL2 Mutant with a Deleted ptsH Gene"

474-488 V.V. Kul'guskin "Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein Particles Containing Messenger RNA. 12. Study of the Dissociation and Reconstruction of 30S Particles"

489-496 Yu.V. Il'in, N.A. Churikov, A.S. Solonin, L.G. Polukarova, and G.P. Georgiev "Selection and Certain Properties of Recombinant Clones of λ Phage, Containing Genes of Drosophila melanоgaster"

496-504 E.K. Ruuge, V.K. Subchinskii, and A.N. Tikhonov "Structure of Higher Plant Chloroplast Membranes as Studied by Paramagnetic Probes"

504-508 Yu.S. Polonskii, N.M. Naidenova, Yu.I. Kozlov, Yu.N. Zograf, and V.G. Debabov "Effect of Proteins Bound to Single-Stranded DNA on the Synthesis of RNA and Poly(A). III. The Protein Product of Phage fl Gene 5"

509-516 V.I. Poltev and V.I. Bruskov "Molecular Mechanisms of Spontaneous Transversions and Transitions"

517-522 V.V. Kotusov, M.K. Kukhanova, N.E. Sal'nikova, L.V. Nikolaeva, A.A. Kraevskii, and B.P. Gottikh "Investigation of the Enzymatic Reaction Catalyzed by E. coli Ribosomes"

523-530 V.M. Manteifel', Yu.V. Ershov, I.N. Bandrina, and A.V. Zelenin "Electron Microscopic Investigation of Chromatin in Hepatocyte Nuclei in situ during the First Hours after Partial Hepatectomy"

531-538 I.V. Dudich, V.P. Timofeev, M.V. Vol'kenshtein, and A.Yu. Misharin "Measurement of the Time of Rotational Correlation of Macromolecules by the ESR Method in the Case of Covalently Bound Spin Label"

539-550 L.A. Osterman "Nomograms for Determining the Sedimentation Constants of Nucleic Acids by Centrifuging in a Sucrose Concentration Gradient on Spinco Ultracentrifuges"

550-554 E.A. Kir'yanova, V.A. Kolesnikov, M.V. Nesterova, E.S. Severin, and A.V. Zelenin "Influence of Histone Kinase, Phosphorylating Lysine-Rich Histone Fractions, Normal State and after Partial Hepatectomy"