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Vol 53(2019) N 3 p. 379-383; DOI 10.1134/S0026893319030191 Full Text

A.G. Stepchenko1*, S.G. Georgieva1, E.V. Pankratova1

Multiple Interactions of the Oct-1 (POU2F1) Transcription Factor with PORE and MORE Sites

1Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 119991 Russia

Received - 2018-11-23; Revised - 2019-01-09; Accepted - 2019-01-16

The Oct-1 (POU2F1) transcription factor is one of the most important regulatory proteins in humans and other mammals. An increase in Oct-1 aids the resistance to oxidative and cytotoxic stresses and radiation exposure. A high level of Oct-1 is found in many human tumors and correlates with low survival. Oct-1 interacts with its binding sites as a monomer, a homodimer, or a multimer. The nucleotide sequence of the Oct-1 binding site determines the character of interaction and the conformation of Oct-1 on target DNA, thus influencing the binding of Oct-1 co-repressors and co-activators. Nucleotide substitutions were introduced in all positions of the PORE and MORE sequences and tested for effect on the Oct-1 capability of forming monomeric and dimeric DNA-protein complexes. The position and nature of nucleotide substitutions were found to affect the type of Oct-1 binding to DNA. Several substitutions suppressed the formation of dimers, while others stimulated the process. Certain nucleotide substitutions completely prevented the binding of both monomers and dimers. The Oct-1 concentration in the cell is another factor that affects the character of DNA-protein interactions. Based on the results, the nature and affinity of interaction with Oct-1 is possible to predict from the nucleotide sequence for PORE and MORE sites of the human genome.

Oct-1 (POU2F1 ) transcription factor, DNA-protein interaction, transcription regulation