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Vol 52(2018) N 2 p. 272-278; DOI 10.1134/S0026893318020139 Full Text

A.V. Sergeev, O.V. Kirsanova, A.G. Loiko, E.I. Nomerotskaya, E.S. Gromova*

Detection of DNA Methylation by Dnmt3a Methyltransferase using Methyl-Dependent Restriction Endonucleases

Chemical Faculty, Moscow State University, Moscow, 119991 Russia

Received - 2017-04-27; Accepted - 2017-05-29

DNA methylation at cytosine residues in CpG sites by DNA methyltransferases (MTases) is associated with various cell processes. Eukaryotic MTase Dnmt3a is the key enzyme that establishes the de novo methylation pattern. A new in vitro assay for DNA methylation by murine MTase Dnmt3a was developed using methyl-dependent restriction endonucleases (MD-REs), which specifically cleave methylated DNA. The Dnmt3a catalytic domain (Dnmt3a-CD) was used together with KroI and PcsI MD-REs. The assay consists in consecutive methylation and cleavage of fluorescently labeled DNA substrates, then the reaction products are visualized in polyacrylamide gel to determine the DNA methylation efficiency. Each MD-RE was tested with various substrates, including partly methylated ones. PcsI was identified as an optimal MD-RE. PcsI recognizes two methylated CpG sites located 7 bp apart, the distance roughly corresponding to the distance between the active centers of the Dnmt3a-CD tetramer. An optimal substrate was designed to contain two methylated cytosine residues and two target cytosines in the orientation suitable for methylation by Dnmt3a-CD. The assay is reliable, simple, and inexpensive and, unlike conventional methods, does not require radioactive compounds. The assay may be used to assess the effectiveness of Dnmt3a inhibitors as potential therapeutic agents and to investigate the features of the Dnmt3a-CD function.

DNA methylation, methyl-dependent restriction endonucleases, eukaryotic DNA methyltransferases, methylation efficiency