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"Molecular Biology" covers a wide scope of problems related to molecular, cell and computational biology including genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, molecular virology and immunology, molecular development biology, and molecular evolution. Molecular Biology publishes reviews, mini-reviews, experimental and theoretical works, short communications. Annualy, the journal publishes special issues devoted to most rapidly developing branches of physical-chemical biology and to the most outstanding scientists on the occasion of their anniversary birthdays. The authors of the journal are from Russia and other countries of the World.
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LAST  ISSUE: Vol 57 (2023) N. 6

Role of Gaseous Transmitters Nitric Oxide and Hydrogen Sulfide in Cell Redox Regulation

921-928 E.V.Ermilova "Nitric Oxide(II) in the Biology of Chlorophyta"

929-940 A.F. Vanin "Dinityrosyl Iron Complexes with Thiol-Containing Ligands as a Functionally Active "Working Form" of Nitric Oxide System in Living Organisms: A Review"

941-950 E.V. Grigorieva, T.M. Astakhova, A.V. Burov, V.L. Karpov, A.V. Morozov "The Effects of the Hydrogen Sulfide Donor GYY4137 on the Proteasome Pool of Colorectal Cancer Cells"

Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Defense Systems

951-964 N.P. Yurina "Heat Shock Proteins in Plant Protection from Oxidative Stress"

965-977 G.V. Smirnova, A.V. Tyulenev, N.G. Muzyka, L.V. Sutormina, O.N. Oktyabrsky "Changes in the Activity of Antioxidant Systems of Escherichia coli under Phosphate Starvation"

978-992 E.Yu. Platonova, D.A. Golubev, N.V. Zemskaya, O.G. Shevchenko, S.A. Patov, M.V. Shaposhnikov, A.A. Moskalev "The Antioxidant and Geroprotective Properties of an Extract of Mountain Ash (Sorbus aucuparia L.) Fruits"

993-1003 T.A. Seregina, I.Yu. Petrushanko, P.I. Zaripov, Yu.D. Kuleshova, K.V. Lobanov, R.S. Shakulov, V.A. Mitkevich, A.A. Makarov, A.S. Mironov "Low-Molecular Thiols as a Factor Improving the Sensitivity of Escherichia coli Mutants with Impaired ADP-Heptose Synthesis to Antibiotics"

Molecular Mechanisms of Redox Regulation in Inflammation

1004-1013 E.G. Novoselova, O.V. Glushkova, M.O. Khrenov, S.M. Lunin, M.G. Sharapov, R.G. Goncharov, E.K. Mubarakshina, T.V. Novoselova, S.B. Parfenyuk "The Thymic Hormone Thymosin-1α Reduces the Pro-Inflammatory Response of Raw 264.7 Cells Induced by Endotoxin"

1014-1023 M.M. Yurinskaya, D.G. Garbuz, M.B. Evgen'ev, M.G. Vinokurov "The Protective Action of Hsp70 and Hydrogen Sulfide Donors in THP-1 Macrophages in the Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Inflammatory Response by Modulating Endocytosis"

1024-1037 D.A. Chernyavskij, I.I. Galkin, A.N. Pavlyuchenkova, A.V. Fedorov, M.A. Chelombitko "Role of Mitochondria in Intestinal Epithelial Barrier Dysfunction in Inflammatory Bowel Disease"

The Role of Redox-Dependent Proteins in the Implementation of Redox-Regulation of Cells

1038-1051 Yu.V. Shatalin, V.S. Shubina, M.E. Solovieva, V.S. Akatov "The Redox-Catalytic Properties of Cobalamins"

1052-1069 N.D. Kondratenko, L.A. Zinovkina, R.A. Zinovkin "Transcription Factor NRF2 in Endothelial Functions"

1070-1076 L.A. Varfolomeeva, E.A. Klimanova, S.V. Sidorenko, D.A. Fedorov, O.D. Lopina "Identification of Melittin-Like Proteins with a Molecular Weight of 67 κDa that Interact with Na+/K+-ATPase"

1077-1084 V.B. Borisov, M.R. Nastasi, E. Forte "Cytochrome bd as Antioxidant Redox Enzyme"

1085-1096 O.I. Kravchuk, A.D. Finoshin, K.V. Mikhailov, R.H. Ziganshin, K.I. Adameyko, N.G. Gornostaev, A.I. Zhurakovskaya, V.S. Mikhailov, E.I. Shagimardanova, Yu.V. Lyupina "Characteristics of δ-Aminolevulinic Acid Dehydratase of the Cold-Water Sponge Halisarca dujardinii"

1097-1124 V.E. Baksheeva, A.A. Zamyatnin, Jr., E.Yu. Zernii "Neuronal Calcium Sensor-1: A Zinc/Redox-Dependent Protein of Nervous System Signaling Pathways"

Redox Regulation of Metabolic Processes

1125-1142 M.V. Shirmanova, S.D. Sinyushkina, A.D. Komarova "Metabolic Heterogeneity of Tumors"

1143-1164 R.G. Goncharov, M.G. Sharapov "Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury: Molecular Mechanisms of Pathogenesis and Methods of Their Correction"

1165-1175 M.V. Kalashnikova, N.S. Polyakova, A.V. Belyavsky "Regulation of Metabolism and the Role of Redox Factors in the Energy Control of Quiescence and Proliferation of Hematopoietic Cells"

1176-1185 P.I. Zaripov, Yu.D. Kuleshova, Yu.M. Poluektov, S.V. Sidorenko, O.K. Kvan, G.V. Maksimov, V.A. Mitkevich, A.A. Makarov, I.Yu. Petrushanko "Metabolic Stress of Red Blood Cells Induces Hemoglobin Glutathionylation"

Genomics and Transcriptomics

1186-1198 M. Abdelgawad, H.Y. Abdallah, A. Fareed, A.E. Ahmed "Long Noncoding RNAs MEG3, TUG1, and hsa-miR-21-3p Are Potential Diagnostic Biomarkers for Coronary Artery Disease"

1199-1211 S. Sharma, L. Teekas, N. Vijay "Protein Repeats Show Clade-Specific Volatility in Aves"

Cell Molecular Biology

1212-1227 A.H. Murtadha, N.A. Sharudin, I.I.M. Azahar, A.T. Che Has, N.F. Mokhtar "Upregulation of MHC I Antigen Processing Machinery Gene Expression in Breast Cancer Cells by Trichostatin A"

1228-1238 Y.W. Wang, K.G. Jia, H.J. Xing, Y. Pan, C.S. Zeng, L. Chen, Q.J. Su, W.T. Shen, J. Chen, C. Chen, Q. Cao, Y.Y. Wang "Interaction of SENP6 with PINK1 Promotes Temozolomide Resistance in Neuroglioma Cells via Inducing the Mitophagy"