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"Molecular Biology" covers a wide scope of problems related to molecular, cell and computational biology including genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, molecular virology and immunology, molecular development biology, and molecular evolution. Molecular Biology publishes reviews, mini-reviews, experimental and theoretical works, short communications. Annualy, the journal publishes special issues devoted to most rapidly developing branches of physical-chemical biology and to the most outstanding scientists on the occasion of their anniversary birthdays. The authors of the journal are from Russia and other countries of the World.
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LAST  ISSUE: Vol 52 (2018) N. 4

Genomics and Transcriptomics

489-496 L.-H. Li , M.-M. Lv, X. Li , T.-Z. Ye, X. He, S.-H. Rong, Y.-L. Dong, Y. Guan , X.-L. Gao, J.-Q. Zhu, Z.-J. Xu "The Rice OsDUF810 Family: OsDUF810.7 May be Involved in the Tolerance to Salt and Drought" (SUPPL)

497-509 R.F. Gubaev, V.Y. Gorshkov, L.M. Gapa, N.E. Gogoleva, E.P. Vetchinkina, Y.V. Gogolev "Algorithm for Physiological Interpretation of Transcriptome Profiling Data for Non-Model Organisms"

510-513 O.V. Kretova, M.A. Gorbacheva , D.M. Fedoseeva , Y.V. Kravatskya , V.R. Chechetkin , N.A. Tchurikov "Mutation Frequencies in RNAi Targets in HIV-1 Genomes Obtained from Blood Plasma of Patients Receiving Anti-Retroviral Therapy"

514-519 A.V. Zyablitsin, A.A. Dmitriev, G.S. Krasnov , N.L. Bolsheva, T.A. Rozhmina, O.V. Muravenko, M.S. Fedorova , A.V. Snezhkina , A.V. Kudryavtseva, N.V. Melnikova "CAX3 Gene is Involved in Flax Response to High Soil Acidity and Aluminum Exposure "

520-531 L.G. Popova, D.V. Belyaev , A.V. Shuvalov, A.A. Yurchenko, D.A. Matalin, D.E. Khramov, Y.V. Orlova, Y.V. Balnokin "In silico Analyses of Transcriptomes of the Marine Green Microalga Dunaliella tertiolecta: Identification of Sequences Encoding P-type ATPases "

Cell Molecular Biology

532-542 J.-G. Cai, L.-M. Luo, H. Tang, L. Zhou "Cytotoxicity of Malondialdehyde and Cytoprotective Effects of Taurine via Oxidative Stress and PGC-1α Signal Pathway in C2C12 Cells"

543-547 X.-J. Yu, Y.-F. Shen, J. Dong, T. Li , C. Wang , Y.-J. Zhang , L.-F. Wang, Y.-C. Meng , Y. Yang, H.-J. Wang, C.-H. Lei, S. Hu, B.-H. Li "Development and Optimization of Therapeutic Analogues of Anti-TNFα Antibody Infliximab"

548-555 V.I. Butvilovskaya, O.V. Smoldovskaya, G.U. Feyzkhanova , M.A. Filippova, L.V. Pavlushkina, S.A. Voloshin, A.Yu. Rubina "Modification of Anti-Glycan IgG and IgM Profiles in Allergic Inflammation" (SUPPL)

556-569 A.S. Gambaryan, N.F. Lomakina, E.Y. Boravleva, L.V. Mochalova, G.K. Sadykova , A.G. Prilipov, T.Y. Matrosovich , M.N. Matrosovich "Mutations in Hemagglutinin and Polymerase Alter the Virulence of Pandemic A(H1N1) Influenza Virus"

570-576 Y.I. Ammour, O.O. Ryabaya, A.V. Milovanova, A.V. Sidorov, I.E. Shohin, V.V. Zverev , T.V. Nasedkina "Oncolytic Properties of a Mumps Virus Vaccine Strain in Human Melanoma Cell Lines"

577-582 S.V. Nikulin, E.N. Knyazev, A.A. Poloznikov, S.A. Shilin, I.N. Gazizov, G.S. Zakharova, T.N. Gerasimenko "Expression of SLC30A10 and SLC23A3 Transporter mRNAs in Caco-2 Cells Correlates with an Increase in the Area of the Apical Membrane"

583-589 S.V. Nikulin, N.A. Mnafki (Krainova), S.A. Shilin, I.N. Gazizov, D.V. Maltseva "Ribosome Inactivation and the Integrity of the Intestinal Epithelial Barrier "

590-597 S.A. Kozin, V.I. Polshakov, Y.V. Mezentsev, A.S. Ivanov, S.S. Zhokhov, M.M. Yurinskaya, M.G. Vinokurov , A.A. Makarov, V.A. Mitkevich "Enalaprilat Inhibits Zinc-Dependent Oligomerization of Metal-Binding Domain of Amyloid-beta Isoforms and Protects Human Neuroblastoma Cells from Toxic Action of these Isoforms "

598-603 I.V. Korobko, M.V. Shepelev "Mutations in the Effector Domain of RhoV GTPase Impair Its Binding to Pak1 Protein Kinase"

Structural-Functional Analysis of Biopolymers and Their Complexes

604-608 H.K. Sahakyan, G.G. Arakelov, K.B. Nazaryan "In silico Search for Tubulin Polymerization Inhibitors" (SUPPL)

609-620 S.L. Grokhovsky "Ultrasonic Footprinting"


621-628 X. Huang, N. Duan, H. Xu, T.N. Xie, Y.-R. Xue , C.-H. Liu "CTAB-PEG DNA Extraction from Fungi with High Contents of Polysaccharides" (SUPPL)

629-635 V.D. Pivovarov, D.Yu. Ryazantsev, M.A. Simonova, T.V. Yegorova , S.V. Khlgatian, S.K. Zavriev, E.V. Svirshchevskaya "Immuno-PCR Assay for Quantitation of Antibodies to Epstein-Barr Virus"