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Vol. 4 (1970) N. 1

1-4 D.L. Zybina, K.S. Volokitina, K.E. Kruglyakova, and N.M. Emanuel' "Kinetic Characteristics of the Chemiluminescence Produced in the Reaction of DNA with N-Acetylethyleneimine"

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34-38 A.S. Girshovich, M.A. Grachev, and T.A. Chimitova "The Chemical Modification of Guanylyl(3' -5')cytidine by N-Cyclohexyl-N'β(4-methylmorpholino)ethylcarbodiimide: Influence of the Modification of the Stability of the Phosphodiester Bond to the Action of Guanylribonuclease from Actinomycetes"

39-46 B.P. Atanasov "Effect of Heme - Ligand Interaction on Mac restructure of Myoglobin. 2. Investigation of Unfolding of Myoglobin Derivatives in Urea Solutions by Measuring Changes in Molecular Size"

47-52 V.A. Korzhov "Inhibition of Lysyl-tRNA-Synthetase of Bakers' Yeast by tRNA Oxidized by Periodate"

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111-118 Zh.G. Shmerling, N.I. Borisova, and Ya.M. Rozovskii "Synthesis of RNA of Rat-Liver Mitochondrial DNA by RNA Polymerase from Escherichia coli"