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Vol. 10 (1976) N. 4

589-604 V.Z. Gorkin "Enzyme Transformations"

605-608 M.V. Vol'kenshtein "Probabilities of Transversions and Transitions"

609-619 S.I. Gorodetskii, V.V. Adler, I.M. Vasil'eva, A.T. Zlatopol'skii, and A.L. Mazin "Isolation of a Hybrid between Rat Ribosomal RNA and DNA"

620-628 Yu.P. Semenkov, V.I. Makhno, and S.V. Kirillov "Isolation and Study of Some Properties of the Highly Active 30S and 50S Escherichia coli Ribosomal Subunits"

629-633 B.N. Belintsev, A.V. Vologodskii, and M.D. Frank-Kamenetskii "Influence of Base Sequence on the Stability of the Double Helix of DNA"

634-639 M.I. Levyant, V.S. Bylinkina, M.G. Trudolyubova, and V.N. Orekhovich "Presence of a Proteinase in Polyribosomes of Rat Liver"

640-646 S.E. Bresler, R.A. Graevskaya, Yu.V. Ivanov, and E.M. Saminskii "Interaction of Transfer RNA with 50S Ribosomal Subunits of Escherichia coli in Absence of Templates"

647-651 M.L. Khristova, N.G. Yaroslavtseva, T.L. Busse, N.G. Kharitonenkov, and A.G. Bukrinskaya "Physicochemical Properties of Sendai Virus RNA. II. Effect of Ionic Strength on Thermostability of RNA"

652-657 T.N. L'vova and R.I. Tatarskaya "Ribonuclease and Deoxyribonuclease Activity of Exonuclease A5"

657-662 Z.I. Vishnevskaya, N.S. Vedenkina, and M.V. Georgadze "Investigation of the Fluorescence of Myosin and Its Fragments, Heavy and Light Meromyosins, in Concentrated Solutions of Neutral Salts"

663-667 B. Belchev and M. Yaneva "Acceptor Activity of tRNAРhе from Yeasts under Special Conditions of Aminoacylation"

667-673 A.S. Tikhonenko, К.К. Gachechiladze, I.A. Bespalova, A.F. Kretova, and T.G. Chanishvili "Electron-Microscopic Study of the Serological Affinity between the Antigenic Components of Phages T4 and DDVI"

674-681 S.D. Varfolomeev and I.V. Berezin "Reliability of Elements and Systems in Enzymology"

682-685 V.G. Ignashov "Influence of Antibodies against DNA on the Renaturation of DNA"

685-696 V.M. Andreev and E.M. Gonikberg "DNA Replication and Head Assembly in Bacteriophage T4"

697-704 A.S. Gambaryan, T.V. Venkstern, and A.A. Baev "Use of the Method of Mixed Substrates to Study the Specificity of tRNA Methylases"

705-714 A.A. Belogurov, A.V. Zuev, and G.B. Zavil'gel'skii "Repair of 8-Methoxypsoralen Monoadducts and Diadducts in Bacteriophages and Bacteria"

715-724 В.F. Vanyushin and M.D. Kirnos "Structure of Animal Mltochondrial DNA: Nucleotide Composition, Pyrimidine Clusters, and Methylation Character"

724-730 A.V. Flnkel'shtein "Stereochnmical Analysis of the Secondary Structure of Polypeptide Chains with the Aid of Courtauld Three-Dimensional Models. II. Hydrogen and Hydrophobic Bonds"

731-739 V.A. Berdnikov. K.L. orel', S.V. Argutinskaya, V.A. Cherepanova, and K.V. Kileva "Study of the Relationship between the Subfraction Composition of Histone Fl and the Type of Tissue in Birds"

740-747 E.N. Khurs, E.S. Severin, H.B.F. Dixon, and R.M. Khomutov "Labilization of the Phosphoester Linkage in Enzyme-Inhibitor Complexes of Aspartate Aminotransferase"

748-755 A.P. Ryskov, G.N. Enikolopov, and S.A. Limborskaya "Structure of Nuclear pre-mRNA. VIII. Isolation and Characterization of Complementary Sequences"

756-761 V.E. Bychkova and O.B. Ptitsyn "Thermodynamic Parameters of Helix-Random Coil Transitions in Polypetide Chains. IV. Random Copolymers of L-Alanine with L-Glutamic Acid"

762-766 T.N. Kopylova-Sviridova, V.V. Sukovatitsyn, I. Fodor, and A.A. Baev "Effect of Change in Structure of Cohesive Ends on Aggregating Ability and Biological Activity of Bacteriophage λ DNA"

767-771 G.F. Nesterova, Ya.O. Soom, and A.P. Perevozchikov "Double-Stranded RNA of Homothallic Saccharomycetes with Different Cytoplasmic Determinants of Antagonistic Activity"

772-777 E.R. Lozovskaya, S.I. Slezinger,A.A. Prokof'eva-Bel'govskaya "Differences in AT- and GC-Base Pair Ratios in DNA of the Paracentromeric Heterochromatin of Chromosome 1 in Two Human Cell Types. I. Autoradiographic Analysis of the Incorporation of 3H-Labeled Thymidine and 3H-Labeled Deoxycytidine"

778-784 L.Yu. Frolova, A.V. Tennov, K.G. Gazaryan, V.Z. Tarantul, Yu.N. Baranov, С. Coutelle, H. Griitzmann, V. Hahn, F. Hiepe, N.A. Graevskaya, and L.L. Kiselev "Dimensions of Homo- and Heteropolymeric Sections of DNA Synthesized by Reverse Transcription from Globin mRNA Matrices"